So I've been wondering what you guys would perceive to be the types most suited to certain types of warriors in time as they generally all have a sort of outlining to them much like nations.

First and foremost, samurais.

Now, I would say they would primarily be ExFJ as the whole Bushido system is heavily based on morals and on others following those same morals which would be very Fe, would it not?
They intend to reach harmony even if it be by force for mutual respect, honor, etc. etc. Bruce Lee was typed as an ISTP, but I don't believe so (no, not because sensors can't be marvelous, they can, anybody can) and these both belong to the Beta quadra in socionics, but I mention it because I believe people put a little too much emphasis on how much Bruce Lee looked like rather than what he said, but the characterization of what he truly was (beta quadra) is still there.

His values and ideals seemed much more important to him than his body although he placed a great amount of importance on his body he always had something pretty next-level to say, in my opinion, his ideas were above what he said and did and he kept up with them physically as well as he could. The reason he reached such great heights and feats was because his ideals/ideas were so strong and he followed them so well that his body was only obligated to follow. He was true to himself before anyone else and this is, from my limited knowledge, much of the way of the samurais. Ideas and the power to believe in them and in yourself are much stronger than what's simply already here because anything can be if you yourself believe and actively try, can't it?

I read in this book, Psycho-Cybernetics, that the man who believes it will be a good day will have a good day and the man who believes he will have a bad day will have a bad day, but mostly due to perception; the ideas one sticks with in their heads rather than what actually occurs. Most place an incredibly unreasonable amount of emphasis on what they see physically rather than what they could see if they just believe in themselves and try well enough. The mind supposedly cannot differentiate from what you actively see and imagine, so there's that as well and samurais were very much in believing in themselves and their moral codes which promoted mental and physical rigor, now which type would that be?

I would place samurais as xxFJ, but the more dead-set among those with Se-Ni, given the physicality and determination to live by such a singular moral code and to build on it.