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    Have you ever heard of working a room? It's when I am in "my element". Social functions, like weddings or funerals (where I know all the people present and can take time to talk with each one) make me sublimely happy.
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    If I've been out all day, I at least want some down time when I get home. It doesn't matter if I got along with the people or not. But if I'm in a crowded room with people who are annoying and touchy feely and I can't get away for a single minute, I feel like I'm going to die and will probably be irritable and weird for a while after that.

    One exception would be if whatever social event was super eventful and exciting, then I'll be hyped up after but that's kind of 50/50.
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    I've felt physically exhausted but I'm not sure if I've experienced the exhaustion you describe.

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    I've felt physically and mentally exhausted after spending long periods of time in social situations where I don't know people well. I really like to be around my close friends and can hang out with them for a really long period of time, but I don't really enjoy being in a room of strangers in any situation. Well, I amend that a bit. When the room full of strangers and I are sharing an experience that we are enjoying like going to a music concert it can be fun and energizing. However, even in that situation I need some alone time afterwards to gather my thoughts.

    Surprisingly, I am an ENFJ and score high on the "E." and profiles always seem to make my type out to need to be around a bunch of people all of the time. I am much more comfortable with small groups of those I know and like. Maybe it's because I was an only child?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00c View Post
    This is funny.

    Are introverts able to be stranded on an island without any human interaction for the rest of their lives?
    Ugh. This is why I absolutely DESPISE it when people claim the definitions of "extrovert" and "introvert" are "energized by social interactions" and "drained by social interactions/energized by being alone" respectively. No. Literally every human on the planet requires social interaction unless they have something like Schizoid Personality Disorder. Anyone can be "drained" by human interaction if it is the wrong kind (ex: dealing with disgruntled customers) or if it's excessive.

    I think a far more useful way of distinguishing extrovert vs. introvert is in examining energy levels.

    But I suppose this is really a topic for another thread, eh?
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