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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft View Post
    Oh man, great example.

    That's a really good one.
    I'm glad you liked it.

    Nice. Although, for me, since we don't really interact with objects directly but concepts of it, it would be "uses previously stored templates to reconcile the concept of the object with the self." So it's a bit like self-interaction via concepts + random input from the outside(random, because that input is still to be perceived and is necessarily manipulated by the physical, chemical and biological processes of our organs). What do you think of the complication I inserted?
    Actually, my use of the term template reminded me of something else I had written... and it was our tendency to intellectualise and replace the experience of a thing itself with an idea of the thing.

    And, you did use the term concept. So it may be that this use of templates is actually Thinking rather than Sensing.

    So, I will have to rethink how to describe sensing. When the inspiration comes...

    Or maybe the old is totally wrong or misleading? or maybe the new is totally wrong or misleading?
    Perhaps, perhaps. What do you suggest as an alternative?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft View Post
    The problem with this is that everything is conceptual. Everything is an idea.
    Except it isn't. If you were to take away your thoughts and preconceived notions about the world and were to just "live" in it as an active observer, one would relate to the S rationale a bit better. Put simply, it's living inside your head and not the "real" world. You're always being a critical observer with your head in a cloud rather than just experiencing the world as it is.

    Try picturing living a rugged life alone in the wilderness. The symbolism of nature becomes a lot less "symbolic" then.

    To me it's a matter of head in the clouds vs. feet on the ground. (N and S respectively.)
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