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    Default Feeling vs. Thinking.

    So I've been reading a glossary of definitions with quotations from Jungian texts.
    The Jung Lexicon by Jungian analyst, Daryl Sharp, Toronto

    I read the definition for feeling. Feeling is not about emotion necessarily unless that weighs in to what something is worth to you but it may not.

    So a thinker evaluates things on objective evidence but makes a decision based on unconscious subjective/objective evaluations.

    For example:

    TI is dominant - I am going to be x or y because it's smart and I'm smart and I value being smart because society values intelligence my grandparents were farmers and were not respect for their intelligence (FE inferior)

    TE is dominant - I am going to be x or y because I'm smart and the salary is great because my parents (FI) value salary because my grandparents were farmers and didn't make much so we value money because we came from adversity.

    So basically thinking and feeling are always working together in some tandem.

    Also...the secondary and third function never work together in same way that the first function works with either. The second and third work in tandem as opposites but not as supportive functions..Thinking can always lean on intuition or sensation - I observe the experiment and then intuitively come up with a way to test my suppositions, but intuition does not lean on sensation since they are opposites...those work in way that involves after I observe the experiment, I will sit down and shut my eyes and try to visualize it but I can't visualize with my eyes open sensing the data...I have to pulse in and out of the two.
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    Well, yes. A complete 100% thinker would be either a robot or a psychopath.

    And a complete feeler would be a doormat for other people. Usually when you're making a decision regarding people, both feeling and thinking is almost always involved.
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    I'm an Fe & Ti user.

    Ti likes to assemble and arrange; objectifying value makes it easier to arrange. The reference point doesn't need to be society per se, but it does need to be distinct from the self. Empirical. Fe is almost a natural set-up for pragmatic ethics.

    edit: This is not to imply Fe users have no self-determined judgments of value.

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    false dichotomy...

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