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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    I can say that self-awareness, and especially self-understanding, in my mind, had nothing to do with knowing how others see you. I'd hate to based the defition of the self on common, outside perception. I think that knowing one's own value system, both factual and sentimental, is the closest thing to self-understanding. That clearly puts Fi and Ti over Fe and Te.
    clearly Fi over your definition. you're right, we have to define self-awareness. (you are taking a very Fi perspective...)

    Ti would NOT be as good as Fi at knowing your own value system -- Ti comes with Fe, which focuses on external values.

    i would guess that TPs and FJs would define self awareness in my way, TJs and FPs your way. (hint, hint)

    Perception will be necessary to gather information about the self, of course. I suppose Ni is being picked because we can assume that Intuition is more self-originated than Si? Either way, Perception alone wouldn't be good enough of course, as only the Judgement actually makes sense of the information. Only the Judgement actually creates something comprehensive from the information. So, maybe that makes Pi and Ji even in this comparison, because Perception will never really create the understanding, but it is pre-requisite for the Judging to take place at all.

    The conclusion I gather here, though, is that the most self-aware type is one that doesn't exist according to the MBTI. It's something to the effect of NiFi.
    heh, NiFi is INTJ, though. funny

    that's a weird conclusion, though...the most self aware type isn't an MBTI type? why not compare the actual MBTI types to each other?

    i'll stick to INFP as the most self aware type. (a compliment?)

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    I meant that no one has NiFi as the primary and secondary processes.

    And my definition of self-awareness is rather Fi. It might be more accurate to say that my definition of Fi is very bound to self-awareness. That's because T is and objective function, and utlimately, I think the whole concept of know your psychological self is rather subjective, so it's more F.

    I also think personality is largey defined by F. It's what we want, and what we think is good and bad, and crap like that which basically defines our personalities. So I think in that regard, Fi is also more self-aware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    I think INTJs tend to be highly aware of their competencies/weaknesses and goals, and surprisingly oblivious to their motives and underlying values.
    Sadly true.

    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    Taken from

    Self-awareness is intimately tied to knowing oneself both emotionally and *realistically*

    Those types that are prone to value keeping true to themselves will inevitably be more self-aware.
    I think this is right.

    Quote Originally Posted by SillySapienne View Post
    This thread is killing me.

    Those who are the most emotionally intelligent will be the most inclined to exhibit and possess a strong sense of self-awareness. Those who posses marked empathic abilities so too must necessarily possess a keen sense of self.

    Strong use/presence of both Ne + Fi, in my opinion, lead one to accurately understand themselves as both part of, and separate from a larger human picture. The Fi is responsible for our understanding our inner worlds separate from other people, carving within us our deep sense of self, consisting of our personally-held moral, emotional and behavioral values. My Fi is like my private core identity, a self that persists and resists any external or environmental change. My Fi has been with me since age three, it is the me within me, that which is constant, it is my identity.

    Ne allows this Fi identity to theoretically explore new problems, like, what would I do if such and such were to happen, how would I act in this or that particular situation and it also allows one to explore other people's situations and the problems that they might face. Ne + Fi leads to empathy.
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    i disagree with the direction of this thread. to say that enfps are the most self aware is pointless. at that point, the argument would slant toward infp as the most self-aware.

    but i also don't find this to be true. i think e4s focus on self integration, which leads to a specific form of self-awareness.

    which leads to my definition of self-awareness, however loosely, that entails being able to absorb, recognize, and understand contradictions at the site of the self, in the process of self-integration, in IDENTIFICATION with the other and an expanded capability of identifying with what was once other. it's basically a greater form of consciousness, and self-awareness grows with the ability to absorb more contradicted world and resolve it.

    Ji people think that this only happens thru Ji. that having the right judgment, having things organized the right way internally, having a huge body of forms to impose on the situation, to supply to the situation as TRUTH, is the only way to have self-awareness, knowledge, ideas, etc. Ji says i know this, i've done this before (Fi and Ti experiences are often stereotyped as pure stubborn, when others don't agree and cannot suss out any communication that would unseat or show the way to a resolution. this is a weakness that is often overlooked by Ji types, tho it is quite similar to the way that p types often view Ni and Si as being stubborn, conservative, foggy, indeterminate, and difficult to move along).

    Pi types just find the right map that best represents all the variables, actors, agents, perspectives of the situation. we zoom in on contextual relationships and absorb the language of their attitudes, motives, and goals in order to decode the virtual world of possibility, potential meaning, etc.

    having said this, self-awareness is based on accurate, effective communication. balanced internal and external pressure. being extroverted does not limit your ability to become self-aware, social experience gives you feedback that can be highly advantageous to understanding yourself from new angles, contexts, dialogues, etc. but it takes strong development of the auxilary function (same for introverts).

    other enneagram types are self-aware in different arenas, which changes the meaning of self-awareness away from the identity, uniqueness, big integration of the self that is the e4 project. the self is a project for everyone but picking up at different points on the circle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    I think INTJs tend to be highly aware of their competencies/weaknesses and goals, and surprisingly oblivious to their motives and underlying values.
    I agree, but the MBTI seems to be a good way of getting a head start on a better understanding of the motives, values and feelings. Or rather it helps you realise they're *there*.

    I can see INTJs as the type that is most interested in a) the tools/understanding the MBTI system provides (from an improvement point of view, not so much an existential one) and b) the mastery of the system, which comes with Xtreme internet searching. That's not the same as self-aware per se (or only an aspect thereof), though, but the dynamic can be used to create more self-awareness.

    Self-awareness to me would be having a grasp on how your entire self in MBTI speak that would be realising how all your functions interact and influence you. Equating it to Ti or Fi seems reductive.

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