I really have great problem with MBTI.It seems im uncapable of finding my MBTI type.I tried everything i did tests both MBTI and Jungian cognitives,but it would never work.As the time passed by i was geting far and far from soultion.Every time getting new type,every time realizeing that im not that type.Theoreticly everything would fit but when i found that type on you tube and the way how they behave,speaks,subjects there are interested i could never fit properly.I always have that gut feeling that something is wrong and i would always ignored it because logicly i would have all the arguments, but in reality i couldnt find application.I feel like i dont fit no where,i just dont know what the heck i am.How the hell after i would think i have discovered my type i could corelate that type from some person that i know from my surroundings but not to me?How the heck many people find there types and i cant?How the heck every time i put the pieces together they fit in theory but in practice thay can not stand the test of time?Is it me because i can not accept my type or because i feel under influence of other trolls or lack of understanding of MBTI or because im incapable of finding it?I have lost all my strentgh that i had so please help me,please because i have researched MBTI for almost 1 year and i feel like i was just broading my knowledge typing other people rather then achieving my soul purpose which is finding my type.