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Thread: Mbti in fantasy

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    Default Mbti in fantasy

    Have you ever wondered what type of fantasy character you would be based on your type? Well this thread us all for that. The purpose of it is to share what you think the roles would be for each type would be in a fantasy book. I will now share my opinions. Take no offense to any of this, as it is only meant for fun.
    NFJ: the Monarch- the strategical mind, compassion, and insight for what's fair for everyone makes the NFJ the perfect monarch for the good side. These leaders will fight to death to preserve what's right, but only resort to violence when it is truly necessary.
    SFJ:The Knight- these individuals are not only compassionate, but committed to the Monarch and what's right. Knights may not have the originality of the Monarch, but they will fight to the death to protect him/her.
    NFP: the Paladin- creative, orginal, and with good intentions, Paladins have the perfect minds for magic. Paladins often lack reflexes and mobility, but their wit and resourcefulness can really work with magic spells.
    SFP: The Rogue- Clever and athletic, the reflexes and mobility of the rogue make them great fighters. They also have strong values, and although they often rebel against the Monarch, they are somewhat trye to him/her and unite with him/her to fight against the Overlord
    NTJ: the Overlord- cold and calculating, these genius strategists are the epitomy of evil. They will stop at nothing to advance their kingdoms and conquer the Good Monarchs and even eachother.
    NTP: The wizard- similar to the paladin, these witty individuals are very crafty at magic and often invent new weapons and spells for the sake of the Overlord or Monarch, depending on who they serve.
    STJ: the Overlord's Minions- these are the henchmen that do the will of the Overlords or whoever commands them. They are often unoriginal, which annoys the Overlord, but their mathematical abilities and loyalty often serve them right.
    STP: the assasin- basically a version of the rogue that is less compassionate. Assasins are loyal to no one, serving either type of leader as long as they are paid enough. Their Fighting skills and tracking abilities prove to best squads of Knights, or even a rogue at times.
    Any of you are welcome to comment on this to state your opinions on what these really should be. Again, this is only for fun, and it is based only on averages, so don't get mad if you think I am stereotyping.

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    So in a nutshell, the Fs are the good guys and the Ts are the bad guys.

    Rather extravagant stereotyping, but it isn't really your fault. It is the fault of the entertainment industry who, for the most part, can't really see the potential for Feeling villains. An IxFx villain is likely to have suffered trauma or an existential crisis. There are actually quite a few real life examples (especially INFJs). A tragic romantic who "turns bad". ExFx villains are likely to be petty, emotionally manipulative and passive-aggressive. Your stereotypical cheating wife. Town wench/whore in fantasy maybe.

    It would be kind of cool to have a fantasy story with an ENTJ 9w8 hero and an INFP 4w3 villain, just to throw stereotypes out of the water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kullervo View Post
    So in a nutshell, the Fs are the good guys and the Ts are the bad guys.
    This is the only T good guy that matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kullervo View Post
    So in a nutshell, the Fs are the good guys and the Ts are the bad guys.
    ...I thought the NTPs made out pretty good.

    But yeah, I think it would be interesting to suggest a bunch of good guy / bad guy "character types" in fantasy for any type blend.

    I mean, as an example, you could have paladins of any sort (although I think most of the J types more easily express conviction, which seems to be a pally thing), and it would affect how the character type appeared.
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    Vivienne from Dragon Age: Inquisition - SJ; a Mage class

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    I think it would be cool to disregard stereo-types and mix it up, cast people in surprising roles....

    Okay, examples....(the sky's the limit. It's more interesting when people find themselves in roles not naturally suited for their temperaments and it makes for a more unpredictable story.)

    ESTJ magi, she didn't set out to be a sage but she suddenly discovers she has magic, something she didn't believe in, coursing through her. How does she deal with it? How does she reconcile her pragmatic nature with a force she doesn't even understand.

    INFP...born into an assassins guild, but unable to leave the guild due to a blood oath by his father. If he leaves the guild, his fellow assassins will kill the girl he loves who happens to be an ENFP traubador, so he becomes very skilled at his job and works diligently to keep her from discovering his "skill set."

    INFJ...evil overlord who gained her throne by meticulously, plotting, planning and assassinating the previous king, an ESFP, whom she felt wrongly inherited the throne. Not only did she plan his demise, she has carefully manipulated an entire nation into loving her and even blindly following her into battle. She is smooth and strategic, and behind closed doors, cold.

    INTJ...the fair-minded ruler of a neighboring kingdom, whom INFJ meticulously villainizes through the careful use of propaganda.

    ESTP...priest, brother to INFJ overlord. He struggles with vows of celibacy and self-control, because despite his sister's smooth cruelty, he really believes what he professes.

    ISTJ...beautiful princess, daughter of INTJ king who has a forbidden relationship with an ISTP farm boy.

    ISFP...soldier in INTJ's army.


    ENTP...prisoner of war, held captive in INFJ's dungeon, slated for execution.

    ESFJ...Village mad-woman who gives around, obsessing over town's appearance.

    INTP...washed up court jester. He induces a state of euphoria before performances. He hates crowds. He hates his job, but he has to eat.

    ISFJ...court physician for INTJ. She is the only survivor from a raid on her village.

    ENTJ...blacksmith who looses his eye sight and must find a way to feed his family. His wife died from an illness and now he must provide for three little kids. They are all he has and he would do anything for them.
    A student said to his master: "You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?" The master replied: "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war." - unknown/Chinese

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