Like most, I am very much inbetween several functions and was wondering if there was any big give away to determine which I am. For N or S, among science students I'm the creative artist. Amongst art and humanities students I am the straight forward pragmatic one. I'm an avid daydreamer (from magic to modern day shoot ups (although I don't always place myself as a straight hero)) but gave a very good memory for details and always notice details about people eg clothes, eye colour etc). Regarding P and J, I envision J's as the super organised, follow rules to the letter type so often typed myself as a p (well, rigged the tests so they are no longer reliable) but am not sure. I usually work last minute but in an organised way (I'll leave it then work through the night according to a drawn up plan) after a deadline extension or two. This is a bad habit I struggle to get out of and stresses me out. I'm a classifier not a brain stormer and like complex systems. Also , as much as is love to be a free spirit I have a strong sense of 'should' do this which is quite a J thing. I think what's giving me trouble is I am unsure whether to go on what I actually do or how it makes me feel