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    Default What are these girls?

    Hi there

    I've investigated myself for long, taken many tests, and can safely say I'm an INTJ (or at least an INTx).

    Anyways, I've met 2-3 girls who were overly talkative and friendly. I suspect they were ExFx, but I want to narrow down the exact type

    1st girl:
    This girl was my housemate (30 yo) for one year but god, everytime she saw me around she'd take the chance to talk to me about her problems. She was pretty, always on facebook trying to get validation from others and dumb as a rock. She was also very emotional and once she went angry, she was a fucking pain in the ass. You couldn't reason with her because logic didn't pierce that dumb brain of hers. She'd even raise hands, cry all of a sudden, then pretend to apologize and act like she knew and understood things. Also, she couldn't stand being alone and when she was younger, she left school because she thought "Oh, why do I need to study for uni when I can work straight away?"; she later told me that she didn't know that you study for uni to get a chance at a supposedly better future and how she now had to be content cleaning rooms in a hotel. She was also a maniac of cleaning, bordering the OCD spectrum and a cheapskate. If I took 2 more showers than her, she'd complain that I should have payed more on the water bill. It was really fucking stupid. If I kept quiet, she'd find it awkward and leave the room.

    2nd girl:
    This girl is my colleague (23 yo) and a talking machine. She clings to ANYONE and starts talking right away non-stop about anything. No matter who you are, she'll engage you in endless conversation and start talking to you about her life and then asking you about yours and discuss all her ideologies, beliefs, etc and then switch target... not even professors are safe: she'll literally cling to their arm like a squid and start talking to them about her life, what she wants to do, then throw random compliments and jump to another target. One word: exhausting.

    From what I could gather and from my amateur understanding of MBTI (I'm not yet well versed into functions, so this was more of a superficial analysis and this is also why I'm asking YOU for help) they are both ESFPs. The main trait: talking a lot. However, I don't really know how to differentiate Ps from Js (I just have the notion that P are impulsive and J planners).

    So, what type these girls are most likely?

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    1st girl seems like an enfj and the second one seems like an enfp

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    If we're to go by socionics and you are indeed an INTJ and they ESFP, communication between the two should have been much more laid-back and comforting/understandable than that which you described. ESFP "talkativeness" is generally blown out of proportion, several characteristics which people try to pin on certain types are largely blown out of proportion.

    As the previous poster said, I agree that the first may be an ENFJ, perhaps ESFJ. The second one seems like an ENFJ/ESFJ as well. I'm only able to see Fe-dom, Ti-inferior in the way in which you described both. Ti-inferior makes their Te or extroverted thinking typically incredibly weak, which is what we call logic.

    J and P is nonsense, don't make any characterization or generalization on those two letters because it's not black and white.
    It's no fun to lose.

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    1st Girl: ESFJ

    2nd Girl: ESFP
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