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    Default Personality Type and Mental Illness

    Hello. I ask this question because I am trying to decide whether I am an INTP or an INFP. My basic nature is very analytical and rational and I almost always prefer to rely on analysis when making decisions. However, I am also prone to be very impulsive and sometimes rash, which affects my decisions or makes them difficult to stick to. I believe this is a feature of my bipolar disorder. I feel like my rational nature and my impulsive nature are at war with each other. So my question is, do you take into account mental disorders when gauging personality type? I ask because in some ideal world where the mental disorders could be eradicated and we were to have our core personalities without interference, I would definitely type as INTP. Also, would you consider me INTP or INFP?

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    I've definitely heard of types that aren't the same because of mental illness. I don't even remember who, but someone on here was talking about how they're actually an ENFP, but seemed like an INTP because they were majorly depressed.

    INTP, probably.

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