I've seen nearly every INFJ in my life do something like what the OP describes. I agree with @Studmuffin23 et al that this is not a description of INxJ "in the grip", though. IME that looks a lot like this:

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When I think of being "in the grip of inferior Se" what comes to mind is the kind of stress of having too many things scheduled back to back, or just generally feeling like the hamster wheel is turning faster than I can effectively keep up. I start making stupid mistakes right and left- like losing my keys or not being able to figure out my iron isn't working because I haven't plugged it in, or needing to check my flattening iron five times before I walk out the door because I'm not sure if I turned it off (and I keep forgetting whether I already checked). I start getting extremely rigid about everything being exactly where I expect it to be when I need it, and become almost obsessive about planning things out ahead of time to preemptively troubleshoot as much as I possibly can.