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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    I'm so sorry you feel so convinced of your own powerlessness. Powerlessness is a lie, fed to the masses by corrupt leaders, but it's not your souls truth. If you were Christian, or even Taoist or Buddhist, I would appeal to the the meaning of your existence, by our truth as individual, the way you were created for love, how dare anyone keep you small. But since you are atheist, I will appeal to the simple now. The meaning of life is in the living, how much you could do with what limited resources you have been given emotionally, if not for others, for your self.

    I appeal to your inner ENFP to consider the possibilities, you can if you think you can. Don't let them win, how ugly for an Fi type to surrender themselves to a false god, to something they don't even believe. Yes, you can.

    I also appeal to your better nature in asking, really, is your sexual abuse so much worse than Oprah's, that you would seemingly lack compassion for her, despite her being molested by not church, but family. I appeal to your better nature, it's not only you.

    I like to read biographies. To me, proof of real life is the litmus test, that human potential, it is as limited as you believe it to be.
    Sorry, don't care about Oprah, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, Montel Williams or any of those other walking human rights violators.

    People who run freak shows should be rounded up and shot - not given millions in advertising money.

    Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit by Robert Bogdan

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    Quote Originally Posted by blahblahbob View Post
    Sorry, don't care about Oprah, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, Montel Williams or any of those other walking human rights violators.

    People who run freak shows should be rounded up and shot - not given millions in advertising money.

    Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit by Robert Bogdan
    Have any of these shows ever contacted you about telling your story on the air?
    "Love never needs time. But friendship always needs time. More and more and more time, up to long past midnight." -- The Crime of Captain Gahagan

    Please comment on my johari / nohari pages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmotini View Post
    ADHD meds would not make you an ENFP, if they made you anything. From what I understand they appear to exist to make EP types act more IJ to be easier to control in a classroom setting, and many traits of ADHD should first be treated by doing things like removing sugar and excess processed foods, and making sure the child gets exercise. However the oppositional defiant child who is almost impossible to control probably just needs his ass busted.
    There are a lot of assumptions here. First of all, ADD medications do not "make you" into one type or another. I've seen a lot of strange assumptions on personality websites, but some of the ideas on this thread are among the most off-base and presumptuous I've encountered.

    I was an extremely focused, well behaved child, but I went on those medications because I have severe chronic Lyme Disease which clouds the brain and makes it impossible to remember anything or feel awake when you're very sick. I was always a straight A student and I required no disciplining because I behaved well of my own volition, and was wild and adventurous on my own time, but not in a way that was a real danger to myself. I was not (and still am not) bouncy, out of control etc. I was actually more focused and self-disciplined than most children, and completed my first 400 page science fiction novel around age 12. My diet has always been good - I was that kid who begged mom for more string beans, and gave most of my halloween candy to my brother. I exercise and I even had a professional music career by the time I was 15, as well as a school average of 102% (extra credit) with a bunch of AP courses to boot, 100% on NYSSMA state vocal exams singing opera in other languages, etc. I practiced piano and singing many hours a day, completely of my own volition. I held jobs playing locally and participated in professional musical theater performances with adults, who commented that my attitude was better than most adults in theater. I traveled by plane to visit relatives by myself at age 8 without any problems, and the flight attendants told my parents I behaved like an adult. The medications were because of an illness (Lyme) which at that time, nobody knew anything about, so nobody knew what was causing the clouding in my brain. For me the meds helped at first, but after a while they weren't particularly effective so I went off them. Nothing about "who I am" changed at all. The only thing that changed is that when I took the medications, I could focus more easily. And I will repeat, even before taking these meds I focused well enough to get excellent grades etc. But this made it easier for me, from the inside. It had nothing to do with my behavior.

    The LSD use and other "bad behavior" happened later, after I was traumatized by the illness, lost my voice forever and was left speaking in a whisper, forced to abandon the career I had prepared for my whole life, couldn't walk, move or swallow for a year and almost died at 16. After that I took some LSD for a few years in an attempt to find myself again and find meaning to my life, since everything I worked for was snatched away from me through no fault of my own. The trauma was much worse than that - but I won't get into all the specifics. Suffice it to say, I had a hard time coping for a few years, but many people in my position do a lot worse- and this was not the same period of time when such medications were in question. At this point I've been completely clean - not even a sip of alcohol or anything remotely unhealthy - for a decade.

    My parents are both psychiatrists and I have been reading medical textbooks and familiar with the actual effects of medications all my life. There are a lot of assumptions about ADD, ADHD and the medications used to treat it on this thread which are incorrect, but I don't have time to give everyone a long medical lecture, nor do I wish to since I have not actually been to medical school and don't consider it my specialty.

    It's one thing to talk about typology but for people to be making assumptions about clinical medications and disorders, and relating that to type... is a misuse of typology and insulting to people who suffer from real disorders, and to the doctors who study hard to treat people. People go to medical school for many years to learn about the intricacies of these sorts of things, medications and their effects, etc.. This is why doctors need a license to prescribe medications. Unless you're a medical professional or have grown up around doctors and studied medicine very closely, assumptions about people who have illnesses and the medications that doctors prescribe are misleading. These assumptions only serve to stigmatize people who are already suffering. They will only suffer more from baseless stigma that people create around medications. Taking medications to help with depression or ADD is no different than taking antibiotics for an infection or chemotherapy for cancer. All medications have side effects, but the reason to see a medical professional is to find the best balance between medication, diet and lifestyle that will make life most livable. Nobody wants to be on medication, but people take medication because the alternative (the illness) is worse. Most doctors don't even understand mental illnesses unless they are psychiatrists and thus it is their field of expertise, and doctors who are not psychiatrists can be sued for prescribing medications intended to treat mental illness. Those who are not doctors at all, certainly have no place telling others what their medications will do to them.

    Beyond that, saying that any child deserves to get his "ass busted" will not make matters better either. I truly hope you were not referring to physical abuse.

    I do believe in disciplining children who aren't self-disciplined. But that language "ass busted," sounds angry and disrespectful to me. Language like that will not help a child to feel good about herself. If you have some equanimity and talk to a child sternly, but without berating them, they are likely to self-discipline and want to do well, much like I did, since my parents knew how to treat me like a human being, even in the instances when I was difficult. Children are children. They don't know any better. As adults it is up to us to set an example of self-discipline, self-respect and standards. This is what the children will emulate.

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    To whom it may concern: I don't physically abuse children, people sometimes marvel at the way I talk to children like adults, and ass busted is a charming Southern expression for normal spanking, and I do believe children under the age of reason occasionally need to be spanked.

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