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    I've known more (ratio speaking) Se dominants to get in accidents than Ni dominants.

    I'm a very good driver. I would say, however, I'm not the best judge of knowing if I have room to make a left turn across traffic, and thus am more cautious of that than most people. (Nothing most people would notice, but slightly more cautious than most.)
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    I am an INFJ, and am deliberately aware of everything going on around me when I am driving. In addition to seeing all the other vehicles on the road, I actively perceive how close to me, they are, and how fast they are traveling, if a particular car is being driven recklessly, etc.
    I am also able to navigate by an internal 'radar'; have always been able to 'feel or know' direction, no real need for a map.

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    I am N-dom, and I have the same problem. I deferred my driving test like 10 years because I felt like I wasn't paying attention, I didn't know how to read the signals around me, I got lost in thought, etc. That, and because I also got into a wreck my first time driving because I hit the gas when I meant to hit the brake. No driving for me.

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