I am interested in how people interact with the internet through their cognitive functions, what functions they engage when surfing and doing whatever they do online, and how these interactions have changed or helped develop their functions. As an example, surfing the web by following one link after another is very much a Ne-like activity, the difference being that online the links are supplied for you. Does this practice of surfing the web, however, activate or strengthen your own Ne? Another example is the sheer volume of information that is not only available online but is pushed at you by services like twitter, newsfeeds, and the like. To keep up with this torrent of information, I've found I've needed to develop my ability first to quickly decide what information I should look at and second to process that information as quickly and efficiently as possible. I believe this is some combination of Ti, Te, and Ni. Since I already had Ti and Te in useful measures, I believe learning to process more information has helped me develop my Ni--eg, helped me to quickly see what a piece of information is about--what the conclusion is--without having to read entire articles--ie, filling in the gaps and getting the gist.

Do you have similar experiences of the internet? Do you think it has changed or helped develop your cognition? If so, how?