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View Poll Results: What types are the most judgmental of others?

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  • Ti Doms - INTP and ISTP

    1 4.35%
  • Te Doms - ESTJ and ENTJ

    11 47.83%
  • Fi Doms - INFP and ISFP

    1 4.35%
  • Fe Doms - ESFJ and ENFJ

    5 21.74%
  • Ni Doms - INTJ and INFJ

    1 4.35%
  • Si Doms - ISFJ and ISTJ

    6 26.09%
  • Se Doms - ESTP and ESFP

    0 0%
  • Ne Doms - ENTP and ENFP

    1 4.35%
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    As a wide generalization of stereotypical tendencies that can probably be overcome by anyone of any type:
    • Ti are the most oblivious to the delivery & consequence of the judgements they pass.
    • Te doms pass judgment the quickest and are the most ruthless in expressing them.
    • Fi doms judgements are the least likely to actually matter or hold any relevance.
    • Fe doms are the most deliberate in how they will use their judgements against you.
    • Ni doms have the most unrealistic & inhuman standards when passing judgment.
    • Si doms pass judgement for the most nonsensical & unrelatable of reasons.
    • Se doms are the most tactless & gaudy with the judgements they pass.
    • Ne doms are the most ornery & obsessive about the judgments they pass.

    So it really depends on what aspects of judgement you are the most resentful for having to deal with.

    Edit: I voted Ne doms. Assuming I am one, then it's the judgement of an Ne dom that I have the least amount of leeway and choice about having to tolerate.
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    I'm probably the most judgmental person I know, which is a pretty unattractive quality since I put myself in some kind of ivory tower position. This is something that especially my two closest friends (both INFP) really dislike about me. The good thing is that I don't think that people are inherently hopeless, so I expect them to change and live up to: 1) my ideal and 2) our social norms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarlaxle View Post
    Ni doms have the most unrealistic & inhuman standards when passing judgment.
    I know it. That's why I keep them to myself.
    4w5 6w5 1w2 sx/so

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    to move moves, becomes an ideal.
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    I can be analytical or sarcastic in a way that seems judgemental, but I really don't mean to be that way. If I hear juicy news about someone or they divulge a big secret to me, unless it's something absolutely terrible, like they killed an innocent family of four, I just don't think about what I heard that often, or don't feel any different.

    I have trouble trusting some ISxJs, just because I don't want to hear what condescending reply they have waiting for me if I let them read me like an open book. I've met a few really sweet ones though, so this isn't to say all of them are. I only know one ENTJ that is clearly an ENTJ (IRL) but he's very calculating and very much a know-it-all.

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