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    Creeps. “Nice guys.” The ISFJs are really fucking creepy. They do not know what privacy means, and they do not care even if you direct them to a dictionary. They are the traditional silent stalker, the ones who become serial murderers at age 40 out of a growing sense of meaningless in life. Everyone moves away from them, and rightfully so.

    The word “love” to an ISFJ is loaded. If they say they love you, you should change your name. They are talking about an undying burning flame of worship and eagerness to please, and though they will never voice what it is they want, you will know. Usually they will romanticise a scenario and keep trying to achieve it. We do not recommend becoming involved romantically with an ISFJ, because you will never know what goes through their mind, and you will never be able to react exactly as the ISFJ wants. If they need to articulate what they want the whole thing is ruined, you see.

    You might have an ISFJ friend, and you might have them for like, 8 years without even touching them, and then one night you overhear them describing you as their [gender]friend on the phone.

    These people give you gifts and need help. The ISFJ animal is a leech, or anything disgusting and creepy, really.

    ughhh i had about five minutes of silent screaming and key smashing when i read that. i'm still laughing but it's the extremely painful kind of laughter. this so perfectly skewers my deepest fears about romance and being in love, and it's exactly why whenever i start to feel any hint of romantic feelings for someone i immediately ignore and blacklist them. i've been in a handful of successful sexual/platonic relationships and ended up on the wrong side of being stalked a few times, but romance was never on the table from my side of the equation. the one time i fell in love with someone was a living hell of a nightmare. i legit feel like i lost my mind, and i was definitely, absolutely creepy. luckily for me i was a tiny confused essentially harmless 18 yo girl and the person i had a thing for much older and able to extract herself painlessly from the situation, but i don't ever want to think about how bizarrely and horribly that could have ended up.

    i really, really like this collection though! saving for future reference
    Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire. ― Jorge Luis Borges

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    Lololololol. I know an ISFJ who did the same thing.

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