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    Default What draws different types to MBTI, Enneagram, Instinct etc...

    I'm just curious. I personally was trying to explain this mess. My mom always remarks how similar I am to my father in personality When really we couldn't be more different (INTJ vs ESFP) and I knew that, but in general, what is it? The convenience of being able to diagnose traits into a box? Finding people similar to one's self in a world where no one seems to understand us?

    So, what's your type, what attracts you about this stuff, and then for each type what is your theory?

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    INTJ and ESFP have the same functions, but they are really very differents... The genetic could be linked to it. I don't know if I'm a INTJ or INTP analizing the functions, and my dad is a INTJ and my mom is a ESFJ (Same functions of INTP).
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    To me, it follows a long line of obsessions. Starting with ninja turtles, dinosaurs, pokemon, digimon, to philosophy and metal. With metal I would map out all the different sub-genres, and how they relate to each other and I wanted to know what it was that defined each genre. Then comes typology. It's just so easy to become obsessed with. It's a neat little system, but it takes so long to understand properly and you're always refining your knowledge the more you read.

    So, for me it's a combination of an analytical mind and an addictive/obsessive personality.

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