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Recent studies have confirmed that the MBTI and Big 5 are testing the same thing. So the test must be valid, right?
I would say, yes, the MBTI and the Big 5 are both an attempt to get at the same thing (with the exception of the limbic/calm of the Big 5). But the approach is different, making what they ultimately come up with different. The original psychological types of Jung are way out in left field as the most abstract approach, MBTI is somewhere in the middle, and the Big 5 is almost completely behavioristic. They aren't similar enough in approach for one's "validity" to prove the validity of the other. Needless to say, I don't take the validity of the Big 5 very seriously.

On the other hand, it has also been demonstrated that the dichotomies don't exist; traits fall on a bell curve.

This is interpreted to mean that the dichotomous types cannot exist.
Well, even assuming the Big 5 approach is at all close to the mark, dichotomies could still exist. Each data point still falls to one side of the bell curve or the other.

I do believe a normal distribution to be accurate for this sort of thing.... for many people to be in the middle and not at the extremes of the preferences. Even cognitive type itself is often not that expressed, for the majority of people just a slight flavoring. But it's still a distinct flavoring.