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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    There are A LOT of INFJ's who claim to not relate to Fe, and claim to prefer Ti. I think this is largely due to bad wording and understanding of what Fe is. If an INFJ doesn't relate to Fe well, then it's possible they aren't an INFJ and are in fact another type. A major part of it comes from INFJ 4's; 4 doesn't want to be Fe and sometimes won't admit it or blind itself to it, but there is nothing that says it can't be.


    The wording and tone is terrible, as others pointed out. If I factored tone into it, I would relate to this poorly. It sounds extremely holier than thou, egotistical, pretentious, and self-absorbed. Essentially it's very "I'm better than you". Do I see and liken myself to a crusader and a figure for others to run to? Fuck no. It's actually one of the things that I hate about ENFJ descrptions is how they're the rescuer, the jesus figure, the one who will give their right arm to save someone. I am NOT like that. I'm actually fairly selfish and put myself before other when I can. If you remove the language, it gets to what Fe is.

    A common theme it refers to is "when no one else will step up, I will do it and I'm not afraid to". That is a very Fe thing to do. It's a take charge and leadership oriented function. It doesn't always want to be the one to step up, but it will do so. In particular if it feels an obligation to do so. It will drag itself kicking and screaming the whole way there. It also talks about being determined, sure in their convictions, having a clear sense of right and wrong, and the urge to dictate it when it's not followed. All of it is ultimately governed by the "moral drive". There is a core that runs it all that is ultimately somewhat independent of the wants of the Fe user. That's really where the jesus figure description can and does come from. People just falsely assume that the individual wants and likes doing that all the time. Which isn't the case.
    I do relate to Fe a lot when it's worded in a different way, but I agree that a lot of Fe descriptions out there are terrible. (To be fair, descriptions on cognitive functions in general are terrible)

    I like the bolded, especially the last bit. This was the main difference between Fe and my boyfriend's Fi that I had to figure out. In sloppy words, my Fe is about 'keeping everyone happy' and you give and take as part of it. It's about making little adjustments here and there and tweaking understanding and behaviors so that all is in harmony. Fe tries to uphold a universal moral system that will govern all decisions and behaviors, and sometimes will be totally perplexed by the fact that for non-Fe users, the system doesn't even exist.

    So, yeah, Fe isn't about being good or about sacrificing yourself or saving someone. That just happens to be the context of the world we currently live in.

    And you're right about there being a conflict between E4 and Fe-ness. It's actually kinda fun to deal with.
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    Lol, as usual, I relate to all of them. This is why I've mistyped myself so many times and why it's been so hard for me to settle. xD I do think it is true to Jung, though, I've just also had a hard time typing myself based on Jung's words themselves!!
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