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    Keirsey is useless with a lot of his explanations and his NF/NT/SP/SJ temperaments and his stereotypical descriptions has a more black/white aspect and clearly biases itself towards Ns over Ss.
    Unfortunately the MBTI culture in general has used keirsey for a lot of the profiles formed and temperaments. There are more sensible temperements that one can use to distinguish between types, and socionics has already adopted a lot of these with things like descriptions of specific patterns in connection.

    Temperamental differences by perceptive disposition:

    SPs = Se users
    SJs = Si users
    NPs = Ne users
    NJs = Ni users

    Temperamental differences by judgemental disposition:

    TPs = Ti users
    TJs = Te users
    FPs = Fi users
    FJs = Fe users

    Temperamental differences by same functions used (quadras theory in socionics):

    NTJs and SFPs
    NFJs and STPs
    STJs and NFPs
    SFJs and NTPs

    Temperamental differences by same theme (clubs in socionics):

    STs (Pragmatistic)
    SFs (Socials)
    NTs (Researchers)
    NFs (Humanitarians)

    Temperamental differences by information disposition (temperaments in socionics):

    IPs = Ji-doms
    IJs = Pi-doms
    EJs = Je-doms
    EPs = Pe-doms

    If MBTI could expand and implement similar temperamental dispositions MBTI would have far stronger face over socionics as it's psychological understandings work far more intricately in specific thought processes over the function definitions in socionics.
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    All of those are mentioned in the MBTI Manual (though not dwelt on).
    Keirsey stuck, because the groups basically go back to Plato's "four types of men" (or "character styles", and the Interaction Styles resemble the classic Hippocrates temperaments.
    (And the Berens camp has just added the "same functions" group, called "Intentional Styles").
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    I didn't understand. This just makes my head ache. Picture please

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