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    Default How do you answer MBTI tests? T/F questions

    I wonder how do you fellow NF types answer the typical MBTI thinking/feeling questions? When I see a statements like "I think people don't use their heads enough," or "I think people don't use their heart enough" I always decide for "people don't use their head enough", or when I have to decide between "I like to argue based on the clear logical informations clearly in front of both of us" and "I like to argue based on how I feel about the issue" it seems very irrational to argue based on your feelings... do you do that?
    MBTI tests questions are very general and often not deep enough to be able to really spot the true type of a responder, anyway I am interested in how you NF types answer these questions and whether you often score as NT?
    I think such a T/F questions are always more appealing for SF types, while intuitives will always put a higher price on intellect, that MBTI tests might mistake for a T.
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    I have a similar issue with those sorts of questions. It seems they're far too general to get to the true nuance and complexity of how a person approaches such issues.

    I mean, I have strong emotions myself, but that doesn't mean I don't value logic combined with the scientific method when it's used appropriately and wisely. My emotions are much too intense not to be an F type though.
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