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    Thumbs up The MBTI types and its main characteristics

    ISFP personalities tend to have the following characteristics:
    • A strong awareness of their environment
    • Prefers concrete, practical information
    • Dislikes abstract, theoretical information
    • Reserved and quiet
    • Enjoys hands-on learning
    • Strong need for personal space
    • Loyal to values and beliefs
    • Dislikes arguments and conflict

    ISFJ personality types tend to have the following characteristics:
    • Reliable, stable and down-to-earth
    • Enjoys order and structure
    • Dislikes conflict and confrontation
    • Kind, warm-hearted and considerate
    • Practical-minded
    • Likes concrete information
    • Very aware of other people’s feelings
    • Has a great memory for detail

    common ESFP characteristics include:
    • Optimistic
    • Practical
    • Seeks out new experiences
    • Spontaneous and sometimes impulsive
    • Like facts and concrete information
    • Dislikes theories and abstract information
    • Gregarious
    • Enjoys people and socializing
    • Focused on the present
    • Like variety, dislikes monotony

    INFP personality include:
    • Loyal and devoted
    • Sensitive to feelings
    • Warm, caring and interested in other people
    • Strong written communication skills
    • Prefers to work alone
    • Values close relationships
    • Focuses on the "big picture" rather than the details

    common ESFJ characteristics include:
    • Kind and sympathetic to others
    • Fun and outgoing
    • Highly organized
    • Practical
    • Loyal
    • Enjoys helping others
    • Self-sacrificing
    • Dependable
    • Approval-seeking

    common ENFJ characteristics include:
    • Prefers harmony to discord
    • Outgoing and warm-hearted
    • Genuinely interest in the feelings of others
    • Often have a diverse range of friends and acquaintances
    • Great at supporting and encouraging others
    • Excellent organizers
    • Seek approval from other people

    common characteristics exhibited by ESTP:
    • Gregarious
    • Funny
    • Competitive
    • Good at influencing others
    • Action-oriented
    • Lives in the present
    • Impulsive
    • Adaptable and resourceful
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Observant with a strong memory for details
    • Can be dramatic at times
    • Energetic

    ENFP characteristics include:
    • Warm and enthusiastic
    • Empathetic and caring
    • Strong people skills; relates well to others
    • Able to think abstractly and understand difficult, complex concepts
    • Needs approval from others
    • Disorganized
    • Strong communication skills
    • Fun and spontaneous
    • Highly creative

    common characteristics of the ENTP personality include:
    • Innovative
    • Very creative; full of ideas
    • Excellent conversationalist
    • Enjoys debating topics with other people
    • Places a great deal of emphasis on knowledge
    • Dislike schedules and routines
    • Good at leading others
    • Does not like to be controlled
    • Very logical

    common ESTJ characteristics include:
    • Practical and realistic
    • Dependable
    • Self-confidence
    • Hard-working
    • Traditional
    • Enjoys leading
    • Very structured and organized
    • Sticks to their standards
    • Strongly dislikes inefficiency and disorganization
    • Seeks out like-minded individuals

    common characteristics of ENTJ personality type:
    • Excellent leadership skills
    • Self-assured
    • Strong communication abilities
    • Appreciates organization and structure
    • Good at making decisions
    • Likes to plan
    • Assertive and outspoken

    ISTP personality include:
    • Highly logical
    • Enjoys learning by experience
    • Action oriented
    • Very realistic and practical
    • Likes excitement and new experiences
    • Self-confident and easy-going

    ISTJ personality include:
    • Focused on details and facts
    • Realistic
    • Interested in the present more than the future
    • Observant, but slightly subjective
    • Interested in the internal world
    • Logical and practical
    • Orderly and organized

    common characteristics exhibited by people with INTP personality type include:
    • Quiet, reserved and thoughtful
    • Enjoys theoretical thinking
    • Tends to be flexible and tolerant
    • Highly logical and objective
    • Good at thinking "outside of the box"

    INFJ personalities tend to exhibit the following characteristics:
    • Idealistic
    • Sensitive to the needs of others
    • Highly creative and artistic
    • Reserved
    • Focused on the future
    • Private
    • Values close, deep relationships
    • Enjoys thinking about the meaning of life

    Common characteristics exhibited by people with INTJ personality type:
    • Enjoys theoretical and abstract concepts
    • Dislikes confusion, disorganization and inefficiency
    • Reserved and prefers solitary work to group work
    • Orderly and structured
    • Perfectionistic
    • High expectations and standards
    • More focused on the future than on the present
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    Entps don't appreciate organization and structure as much as the others, they belong more with the INTPs to be honest in my experience.

    Taking a concept to it's logical end is rarely logical or relevant to the subject at hand.
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    This is the first time I've seen ENFP and ESTP grouped together other than being in the EP temperament (and probably some E7ness too). One thing that threw me off though was ENTP - I don't see ENTPs liking structures/organization so much to the point where it's a common trait (especially since it says they DISlike it in the individual description you put below the picture). EPs in general tend to avoid limiting themselves and dislike anything that they feel restricts them. ENFP description fits me very well though! What is the source? Or did you make this yourself? It's pretty solid, although the groupings seem kind of arbitrary.

    I love how the INJs get their own special category...totally predictable.
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    I like it

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    Not to be mean or overly critical, but this strikes me as haphazard at best following little to no pattern. Further, some placements with the descriptions are just flat out wrong. Sorry, I don't like it and don't see the purpose of it either.

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