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    Default How would the 8 functions would act when painting?

    How would the 8 functions act when painting?

    I'm thinking something like this (correct me if I'm wrong or if you have other ideas):

    Fi- I want to paint that because its important to me.
    Fe - How will this painting affect others/ can I create a painting that will impact people
    Te - Very orderly, systematic approach to painting.
    Ti - Analyzes environment and thinks about how they would paint the objects around them
    Se - Paints
    Si - Remembers what colors worked best before. Remembers which pigment and methods created desired result. Uses those.
    Ne - New ideas for paintings. Ooh I could paint this, or that, or what if I did it this way instead. Oh, I wonder what would happen if I gessoed this after I painted and then scrapped away the gesso when it was still wet? Would it look like fog, ooh or maybe a ghost!
    Ni - I want to paint this. I don't know why I just do. I'm going to stick with my sudden idea for this painting and go from there.
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    Or, Se, two minutes into painting: I'm done with this. Let's go for a run!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paris34 View Post
    Se - Paints
    I think it'd be more like "paint and spend the most time on what stands out from my perspective."

    Ne - New ideas for paintings. Ooh I could paint this, or that, or what if I did it this way instead. Oh, I wonder what would happen if I gessoed this after I painted and then scrapped away the gesso when it was still wet? Would it look like fog, ooh or maybe a ghost!
    Probably both Pe functions would experiment in the midst of painting. I think, if there was no prompt or anything in front of them they were supposed to paint, Ne would keep painting things with a bigger idea to communicate to the audience - adding various symbols and elements to further emphasize the message - while Se would paint whatever it wanted to paint and freely add on whatever else came to mind, dealing with the message that could be interpreted from it after its finished rather than before.
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    Si - Impressionist
    Se - Realism
    Ti - Abstract Representational
    Te - Photorealism
    Fi - Abstract Expressionism
    Fe - Realist Representational
    Ni - whatever people dancing with paint dripping from their bodies on a 20'x20' canvas is
    Ne - Surrealism

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    OP's Ni checks out here.

    I have no mind for abstraction when doing visual art. Sometimes I feel like I do, but this is self-deception. Fe might get in the way of that - there is always a very particular intended impact (a "plan" in the feeling realm). This comes to mind first, and the visuals are just a way to get there, and then meet others there. Depending on how well the extraverted function is working, this may come easily or I may have problems with my communications not being understood. There is also the question: does one actually need to be understood so directly for a piece of art to be worth it, or is that just my problem?

    From other artists, I respect their abstract work, but part of that respect is for succeeding at something that doesn't come naturally to me.
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    Only 4 functions exist, Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Intuition. So no, those are just some stereotypes of how functions and their attitude works in types.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Fi- I will paint my feelings.
    Fe- I want to show my love for someone by painting them something.
    Ti- Hmm why do we see different colours (Starts thinking about why paints function the way they do instead of painting)
    Te- Art is a waste of time and money. Hmm they sell well and could be good to make money.
    Se- Lets paint that pretty tree (2 mins later) I wanna paint that butterfly. Hey i should combine the tree and butterfly to paint a butterfly with a tree trunk.
    Si- This is a picture of my childhood house
    Ne- Lets paint what time travel would look like. Hey what if the world really was evil and all red. Lets paint houses on all the possible timelines. Dinosaur artechure would be awesome to paint.
    Ni- This painting represents love and hate.
    Love is magical, magic is out there far too many miss and disvalue it

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    Si - I'll paint that thing I love to paint
    Se - paint! paint! yes paint every where more paint!
    Ne - paint this. and this. and this and this and this.
    Ni - the VISION, must focus on the VISION

    Ti - my painting can be classed as this and this
    Fe - I painted this because it was very nice
    Te - my painting is able to achieve many things
    Fi - what do you think of my painting?
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