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Thread: Ni versus Ti?

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    Default Ni versus Ti?

    Could someone explain the difference between these two functions using an example in everyday life? (eg using an INFJ and INTP's perspective)

    I think I get the gist of the differences between the two, but I'm still not sure of my preference.

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    INTP: analyze, hypothesize, test, conclude (maybe).
    INFJ: analyze what conclusion means to self.

    INTP: Logic over authority.
    INFJ: authority (self) over logic.
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    Ni is definetely going to override logic in the INFJ

    Logic can only explain so much, there is an end to how far logic can take you, but connection and authenticity are deeply sensed

    INTP will side with logic.. if >>>>> then >>>>> and nothing else can be..

    from my view... INTP will deeply ignore personal feelings just impenetrably.

    I guess its just the end result.. is pure with INTP... as opposed to blended or mixed/more balanced decision, recognizing several aspects
    I kinda love and admire you's guys for this reason.. I cannot ignore the biting mystery of abstract and on occasion quite linear, phenomena..

    You are generally very nice about adhering to logic.. it is unintrusive.

    although if you add narcissism.. INTP can REALLY vary.. all types can but i find it particularly upsetting when you do

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