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    Default Podcast Describing Difference Between Introverted and Extraverted Intuition

    Link to pretty good podcast on intuition.

    About 25% of the population use intuition. 10% use Ni and 15% use Ne. They describe these as "learning styles".

    They refer to Ni users as "perspectives". The Ni dom can understand how other people think - how their minds form patterns giving them what appears to be the ability to read the other person's minds. They also are good at forecasting into the future and predicting social movements or culture shifts. They are very sensitive to distractions and it takes time for Ni to work. They feel that Ni is one of the later functions to evolve - it is newer to the human race (e.g. 15 - 20K years). They tend to have a of one sided relationships because they understand the other person much better than the other person understands them. They don't have a lot of support from others because others don't understand them.

    They refer to Ne as "exploration". It's exploring the world vs. the patterns in our mind. They see how things are related to each other. It's about understanding how the world around us functions. They think in interrelated interconnected ways. They are constantly trying to make connections to things that aren't even connected - that makes a brand new thing in the world - it's a creative process. This plays out in the TV show House in every episode. They love novelty and so they are usually very inventive. A lot of the great scientists such as Einstein, Richard Feinman use this process. A lot of the world's great comedians such as Robin Williams use this process. Without the exploration process, humanity would stagnate.

    These two look quite different than each other. Ne is about figuring things out in the moment, pushing boundaries, is very quick, frenetic, it's willing to be obnoxious, it's willing to fail. It is ultimately asking "what if" and possiblities. Ni is slow, post processing, digesting the info, seeing implications, looking at things from all different perspectives. It's asking "why". Ne is about thinking outside of the box and Ni is thinking about the box. Intuition is interested in speed of information and depth of insight. Both like both but Ne likes speed more and Ni likes depth more.

    The two together are very powerful and lead to powerful business partnerships, marriages, etc.
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