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    From those test results, It seems like you maybe struggle with preciseness. Maybe that's a point for INFJ. (I'm not criticizing, i'm the same way, it's so easy to imagine HOW something could be true and lose sight of the fact that it usually is or isn't)

    And yes, maybe you underuse or undervalue your Fe which is apparently common (to associate with your tertiary more than your auxiliary)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal12345 View Post
    What's a subtype?

    Subtype refers to people of similar mbti type placing slightly different emphasis on their functions.
    For example, the functions of INFJ is Ni-Fe-Ti-Se. The Ni subtype of INFJ places more emphasis on Ni and Ti, while the Fe subtype places more emphasis on Fe and Se.

    Ni subtype of INFJ:


    The intuitive subtype appears as a quiet, tactful, languid and diffident individual. They seem torn off from reality, inert and poorly adapted to life. However, such impressions are erroneous, for they possess a fine intuition, which aids them in establishing useful connections and obtaining support from influential people. Seem externally serene but sentimentally are disposed to experience moodiness and bouts of melancholy. While their voice at times seems monotonous they often induce a light surprise, even full interest, from the interlocutor. Outwardly are pensive, slightly strained/intense. Prone to emanate sadness masked in sardonic irony. Speech is measured, smooth and intimately heart-felt. On their face they almost constantly exude a polite half-smile that easily wins people’s trust. Gestures are modest, shy. Gait is ponderous, elegant.


    Gentle and considerate person. In his heart is a dreamer and a romantic. Has figurative, associative memory, and can recall experiences from the past down to the smallest detail. Reminiscing about the past, he recalls all the mistakes and mishaps, then extracts from them lessons for the future. Thanks to a strong intuition sees short-term prospects of affairs and relations, but because of the tendency to idealize everything may also overestimate them. Under any circumstances, does not lose hope that in future everything will be better than the current situation.

    Somewhat unsure in himself, is inclined to doubt and hesitate in cases he has to speak or act decisively. He does not like to rush, can delay carrying out tasks and finding solutions to problems to an indefinite period of time, or even never get to them. Does not aspire to leadership, experiences difficulties with organizational functions. Gravitates more towards intellectual sphere of activity than to direct management and production.

    In work, can become distracted by irrelevant, minor things, and thus run out of time to do the more important tasks. He does not like stereotypes, conventionality, strict order, having to follow strict rules and regulations. In his apartment or at his workplace may allow for artistic mess and disorganization. Being economical and having good entrepreneurial judgment is not in his nature, because of this he might miss out on promising opportunities.

    Does not like routine and monotony, desires new experiences, gravitates towards interesting and unusual people. Likes conversion about various unconventional and esoteric phenomena. Willingly accepts and promotes imaginative ideas and innovative approaches, but is wary of new ventures, in such cases prefers to yield initiative to strong-willed and assertive people. However, if necessary, exhibits outstanding diplomatic skills, achieving success where others have failed - straightforward and eager partners, don’t place much value on flexibility in relationships.

    Sensitive and attentive to people, tries to maintain smooth relations with everyone. Due to the absentmindedness sometimes forgets to fulfill his promises, but then does his best to make amends. At the same time, exhibits tolerance towards other people's flaws and weaknesses. Does not know which of the two disputants he should favor, therefore, will try to reconcile them.

    Needs moral, physical, and material support. Respects strong, influential people. Relationships that have been exhausted does not break immediately, as he grows accustomed to people. Knows how to wait patiently and how to adapt to any circumstances. For the sake of good relations with family, tries to meet the demands they put on him, tries to develop practical skills, perform work and fulfill his family responsibilities.

    Fe subtype of INFJ:


    The ethical subtype makes an impression of a soft, charming and emotional person. Usually look inspired and optimistic. Possess a fine sense of humor allowing them to list their problems and failures while smiling. Are ironic, crafty, unpredictably and inconsistent in behaviour and conversation. Creating original contrasts, they can unexpectedly prick and then just as quickly embrace/kiss. Artistic and charming; are eloquent in dialogue, occasionally portraying shades of familiarity and impudence. They’re generally affable, kind and careful. Easily draw attention and thereby attract people; talent towards persuasion: states requests in such a manner that it is difficult to refuse them. Movements are graceful as is their gait. Speech is emotional, rich with shades, sometimes melodious.


    Emotional and charming, easily and naturally comes into contact with strangers, predisposing them to trust with his warmth and sincerity. Able to cheer up others, make them laugh with his unusual antics and utterances. Figuratively, with a good sense of humor, tells stories of what he has experienced and seen. Well versed in the feelings and sentiments of others, knows how to establish useful contacts in order to achieve his goals, how to find the most suitable candidates for the job conceived. Often phrases his requests in such a form that one cannot refuse him.

    He loves to be at the center of attention. Elegant, skillful in his ability to please, readily gives compliments to others. Able to find an individual approach to each person. He loves and knows how to reconcile a dispute. Often is ironic and sarcastic, but states even the displeasing things as if in jest, and with a smile. Unobtrusive in his feelings - if he does not see reciprocity, he will distance.

    Easy lights up with a new idea, but can quickly lose interest in it, if it requires a lot of patience and effort for its realization. He needs praise and encouragement. Sensitive towards any criticisms, or if his work goes unnoticed by others. In such cases his enthusiasm for work is lowered. At the same time, praise issued in advance will encourage him to overcome difficulties, helps to gain confidence in himself.

    Somewhat touchy and suggestible. Has a tendency to show off to others his physical or intellectual suffering. If he senses danger, his uneasy and restless mood will be transmitted to others. In my heart is very vulnerable and very upset by their failures. Internally contradictory, prone to abrupt mood swings from laughter to tears, and vice versa. Proves his case passionately, accepts advice only when he has calmed down, until the next emotional outburst. Needs the support of strong-willed, energetic people.

    Readily shares his problems with others, looking for sympathy, understanding, support. Consults with others before making important decisions, though does not always follow their advice. Independent by nature, impulsive, unpredictable in his actions. Prone to impromptu acts and improvisations.

    In some situations, evokes awe and admiration in others by exhibiting fearlessness in dangerous situations. Nonchalant and imperturbable, but this is only a tactic that allows him to make an impression on others. This serene state is infectious; it passes onto others, allowing them to distance from their everyday worries and problems.

    Graceful in his movements, shows refinement, good manners, dresses tastefully. His residence is clean and neat. He has an aesthetic taste, like ornaments and refined decorations. Appreciates comfort. Cares about his own appearance as well as those of others. Can buy extra stuff, wasteful and uneconomical. Does not like those who are stingy over small sums. Does not place much value on things, his own or those of others. Lending or loaning something, may forget about them for a long time. (source)

    Quote Originally Posted by unsomething View Post
    From those test results, It seems like you maybe struggle with preciseness. Maybe that's a point for INFJ. (I'm not criticizing, i'm the same way, it's so easy to imagine HOW something could be true and lose sight of the fact that it usually is or isn't)

    And yes, maybe you underuse or undervalue your Fe which is apparently common (to associate with your tertiary more than your auxiliary)

    Lol, I think I have ruled out INTJ as my type. I doubt an INTJ with Fi-Te would struggle with preciseness, they usually have great awareness of themselves. I think part of the reason why I have difficulty typing myself is because I lacked that Fi self-awareness v_v
    Something interesting that I noticed so far on this site, I noticed that the INFPs and INTJs here usually know they are INFP and INTJ, and they rarely change their mbti type, whereas the INFJs and xNTPs would go around typing themselves into every mbti type. I wonder whether this is the difference between Fe-Ti and Te-Fi :P
    The Fi-Te types just seemed more sure of themselves, whereas the Fe-Ti types seemed to doubt their types more often.

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