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    Quote Originally Posted by stephsharik View Post
    Would you humor me and at least point me in the right direction?
    What do you mean?

    I've already said which functions those statements TEND to describe (if any).

    What more do you want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephsharik View Post
    The President is a person.
    A president is a concept.
    A person is also an object.
    The theory of gravity is neither person nor object.

    I don't know...the "The" method is highly suspect. I thought the opposite of "objective" was "subjective" rather than "people", but okay.
    Well you see, the joke is
    Ne = Ni > Ti = Fe > Te > Fi > Se = Si
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    Quote Originally Posted by jscrothers View Post
    Well you see, the joke is
    Yeah that's what I thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephsharik View Post
    Random sentences, sure.

    But if a carefully constructed phrase accurately represents a facet of a person's temperament, who's to say it cannot be analyzed? And if assigning a label would be too subjective, then perhaps, at least, some labels can be eliminated?
    Assuming this person is unfamiliar with MBTI, he/she will have no reason to be mimicing words and phrases considered typical of any given type. While it is true that anyone can say anything, and one phrase or sentence might not tell much, the grouping you have presented starts to build a picture of what the speaker is like. We can therefore assign at least a tentative placeholder type to that person, subject to revision should we gain further information about him/her, such as in a face-to-face meeting, or in additional details supplied by yourself.

    So far, I concur with others who have suggested there is significant Ni at work in these comments. Te and Fi are much weaker influences, but still make more sense than the alternatives. In fact, I see things myself in much the same way, and could easily have made these observations myself.
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    My first inclination is toward INTJ.
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