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    Default Guess my friend's type

    *She doesn't talk much in groups, but opens up more in one-on-one conversations. She is good at pretending to be extroverted at work, though.

    *She speaks and writes very well.

    *She sometimes acts stoic and no-nonsense, and at other times is highly emotional and sensitive. In the same way, she sometimes is assertive, and sometimes more of a wallflower. She doesn't show lot of her emotions on the outside, and it's hard to get her to talk about HER feelings. She is open to talking about feelings in general, but she is a little reluctant to discuss hers. I think it's because of shyness.

    *She's extremely intuitive about people, even when she barely knows them. She says things that make it obvious that she's given a lot of thought about why various people are the way they are.

    *She's a huge procrastinator, and a bit on the messy side.

    *She's really hard to get to know. I've known her for a very long time and there's still a lot I don't know about her.

    *She mostly seems like an N to me, except she has excellent hand-eye coordination, is naturally talented at sports, and is a bit of a repressed adrenaline junkie. Those all suggest SP to me, but everything else about her seems more stereotypically N?

    *She is very calm in difficult situations, and it's really hard to get a rise out of her. It's very rare for her to show anger. When she does, though, it always seems out of nowhere, like she just "blew up".

    *When she is in a neutral or bad mood, she has "resting b*tch face". When's she's in a good mood, she smiles constantly. She really radiates joy when she's happy. Her emotions are pretty strong and have a tendency to "fill the room" if that makes sense.


    I'm not sure how helpful this is. What type does she sound like to you?

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    Probably an INFP, but she might be an ISFP with good intuition.
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    I am leaning ISFP, mainly because: She doesn't talk much in groups, but opens up more in one-on-one conversations. She is good at pretending to be extroverted at work, though.

    ISFPs are Se aux which gives them more insight into social situations - an ISFP is therefore more likely to be able to mould their behaviour to fit in than an INFP. We don't really have much info to make a firm decision yet though.

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    Huh, maybe ISxP. Since she does open up at work, that's a good possibly of her being as ISFP, but everything else sounds really ISTP. I know a few and they act with at least some of those traits. Stoic, good athletes, their levels of extroversion and introversion vary.

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