Just like “Ordering/Aligning” leans towards the T attitude (as I mentioned above), I’m seeing more and more that “Realizing/Inquiring” leans toward the N attitude.

“Inquiring” is the perfect name for the Ne/Si tandem of NP’s and SJ’s. I’ve noticed what what we do a lot is ask questions. Lots of questions, sometimes. My wife is always asking me questions about everything, and I’m always asking other people questions. What I had noted is that some NJ’s I’ve communicated with sometimes get put off by my questions, and [in written communication] begin glossing over them.

I ask questions to gain a sense of who the person is (in a more personal “friendship” interaction), or what their beliefs are (in a more intellectual sharing of ideas). I have noticed that they don’t ask that much. They apparentely form all the picture of me they need from what they already see on the table.

This realization comes in conjunction with my continuing to refine the definitions of the functions.

All perception deals in what we could call “imagery”. (See

Sensing is about the “material” world, and iNtuition is about the “ideational” world. Extraverted iNtuition deals in ideational images from the environment. What “could be”, discovered from outside of the observing subject (the world of “objects”). Like comparing one pattern to another, which I do all the time. Introverted Sensing deals with images of the material world that have been “stored” individually (in memory), which we then use to compare current sensation with. Notice, both Ne and Si end up “comparing” things. I could have usd that term to name the tandem.
This comparing is what leads them to need to seek more ideational data (possibilities, contexts, etc.) from the outside. The material data is safely stored within, but all material or “concrete” information needs some sort of “abstract” framework or “story” behind it.

We tend to assume that the way we process information, others do also, but apparently, NJ’s and SP’s don’t depend of question asking as much. Of course, everyone asks questions, but I’m seeing that for Inquiring Awareness, it is our main way of taking in information, while for Realizing Awareness, the sort of information they deem important to begin with is different.
What they take in from the environment (the world of “objects”) is the material data, through extraverted Sensing, where they just take whatever comes as it is. What they take from the individual world of the “subject” is the ideational data, which are images that come from within, via introverted iNtuition, where information just comes to them, up from the individual unconscious. This is used to inform judgments, but neither perception function deals so much in comparison. Both just take what comes. So likewise, there is not as much need to to have to request information from the outside. Hence, “Realizing” is also the perfect term for this tandem, as “Inquiring” is for the other.