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    I know one ESFP, she's intelligent and that always helps. I have to say we get along great and there's a sense of mutual understanding.

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    My mother is ESFJ, my letter opposite. I have tremendous respect for her and what she does. Her life, her identity, consists of helping people, and seeing that things are taken care of. Even now, in her 70's, it's difficult for her to slow down and just take care of herself, because she always feels like she should be helping someone.

    But growing up, she and I most definitely didn't "get" each other. There wasn't really conflict between us, because I became a master at avoiding it. But she clearly never got what I was all about, and the environment she established in our home was not ideal for me. She still doesn't really get who I am, but she has accepted it a little more. I would never survive being married to that type, and I'd never be attracted to someone like that.

    She's very religious, and her life has revolved around working for the church for as long as I've known her. She has said that she used to be very fearful, and a different person, before she found God. I wonder how much her religious convictions and church culture affect her effective type. I've heard of a study that indicated that most Western church cultures idealize women as ESFJs, and men as ESTJs, and I can see that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LunarMoon View Post
    Being a Choleric isnt necessarily the same thing as being an ENTJ and vice versa goes as well. Depending on which choleric traits stand out the most they can easily be any of the ExxJs, which would be a lot more likely as far as personally knowing two choleric individuals of the same type. If your first cousin is female than the chances of her being ENTJ are even lower.
    I could be wrong; but whatever they are; they are definitely "In Charge" (EST or ENJ) which is the social variant of Choleric. I don't think they're ESTJ, because they don't seem like Guardians. (The grandmother is very heavy into rememberences (Si), but that seems mostly negative). They don't seem like Artisans (ESTP) either (and again; definitely not P types). They definitely are not Fe dominant (ENFJ). They do seem like "Fieldmarshals", which also sounds like the most Choleric.

    There also don't seem to be many other females around like them, so they do seem to be a somewhat rare type for females.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Prime View Post
    Hey folks, what's kicking?

    Are you in touch with your polar MBTI type?
    If so, how does that side show itself in you and how strongly does it assert itself?
    Are there any specific situations in which it surfaces?
    Heh. I would guess my ENTJ side would come out pretty much only when severely stressed or angry. That's when I start labeling people around me as idiots and morons...this probably happens the most when I'm driving, and I'm convinced I'm the only one on the road who has a clue what I'm doing.
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    My ENFP shadow comes out when I'm sleep-deprived or stressed. People noticed that I became more loud and crazy after pulling all-nighters in college. I become this spontaneous person with colorful language and a constant stream of chatter (often about whatever had kept me up the night before). I make jokes, poke fun at people, and express how I truly feel on the spur of the moment without thinking beforehand.

    I actually like my ENFP-persona a lot. However, there's a lot of provocation and stress required to get it to come out, and 10 hours of sleep the next day for me to return to normal. I can try to imitate an ENFP in real life, but it's really not the same. It's quite fun when it does happen, though. I imagine it's much like what happens to some people when they get drunk.

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