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Sounds kind of like Si at work, yes. I usually have a constant subconscious background going on of places or things and how they're "supposed to look/feel" in my head, not usually flashes. I don't usually think about it, though, because it's not something that requires effort or lends well to explanation. But this part, not really. This latter part sounds more like your N at work.
Hahahahaha @ the bolded part ... reading what I wrote and your observation, seems to me like that should have been be obvious to me - but it's so much a part of my dominant processing that it didn't occur to me. And if this other thing is somehow Si from some deep unconscious position (and I don't know if it is), it would be like me trying to figure out communication using the wrong language for the system (that statement made perfect sense in my head, not so much in words on the page but will leave it in.

It's also funny that I experience Ni in a similar way as you here, where it occurs as a flash about...once per year. Rare enough and striking enough that I remember it well, though, because it's noteworthy that it even happened, and usually changes the way I see other things as well, so its effects are memorable, too. I don't feel I can describe Ni as well as Si, it's a little hard to grasp as a function.
Interesting! Flashes.

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Doesent sound like Si. Intuition is perception via/of the unconscious and this type of perception you describe is clearly an perception of the unconscious, not an subjective(via abstraction process) reaction to sense perception(which is what Si is).

Also if sensing is extraverted(your 4th function), then it cant also be introverted. INFJ has intuition as Pi, not sensing.
Yeah, I was thinking about the 8 function model in which Si would be my 8th function. I don't know what I think about that 8 function thing one way or another or if this would fit or what, but anyway - yes of course I do know the Ni-dom stack has extraverted sensing.

And in any case, what I described may have nothing at all to do with cognitive functions or if it does. it could be something else entirely. It's a weird experience, though. I do wish I could decode the information somehow. I feel like it's a good info source even if I don't seem able to understand it the info at all.


Anyway, aside from my little tangent here - I really appreciate @Cimarron's description of Si, it helped me understand it a lot more clearly.