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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizm View Post
    I have one at work who attacks all of us constantly. His hands shake. He has had heart problems. I let him lay into me. I know his story and I find it to be a pathetic one. I also think he either has tardive dyskinesia or he is one hell of an anxious person. Could be the heart medicine. Why do some ETJ's act like cunts? I thought this guy was extremely confident when I first met him. This BS hardass front appears see through now. He seems like more of a coward. Only a coward would enjoy attacking others weaknesses or trying to get their jollies out of laying into people. I think he is an enneagram 8. I ramble and digress. What is this guy's deal?
    Well, he's ETJ, an 8, possibly emotionally immature, and stressed. They project confidence and seek power, but inside they're very insecure emotionally. This is how people like that usually are. His confidence has become a show because he feels weak due to his physical problems, and he no longer feels like he can do much. So he makes up for his feeling of inferiority by putting others down in order to try and gain power in a different way, by weakening everyone else.

    He probably hasn't taken his health issues and/or past failures very well, and his present state is the result of that. I think that that it is quite sad that he was unable to find more in himself than to behave like this. I suppose one can't help but almost pity this person, despite how cruel they are.

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    What do his heart problems, possible tardive dyskinesia, and anxiety have to do with this guy being an asshole?
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    Why is this thread called "ETJ's" when you are talking about just one person with problems?

    The MBTI is not meant to stereotype and hold prejudices against people. It's meant to appreciate differences and understand how to communicate with other people.

    What's your objective? If you just want to vent your negative emotions, you're not going to help the situation in anyway. Maybe try getting more empathy and understanding instead of judging.

    There's such a thing as "killing with kindness". Try it with the guy, it's the best attitude to adopt.

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