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    Default Cognitive function "social hierarchy"

    I've found this post in Personalitycafe.

    Cognitive function "social hierarchy"... impacts what people fake their types to be

    (1) Ni - this trait that makes INTJ's "so smart" and makes INFJ's "so mystical." People love talking about this, giving themselves subtle compliments in discussion- "My Ni is just too much! I just pick things up SO much faster than everyone else. It's hard talking to lesser beings who just aren't as fast as me".

    (2) Ti - I rarely see Ti complaints on the forums, and a lot of the ENTP's on here love to brag about it.

    (3) Ne - Some people find Ne annoying, but it's still higher than any S function on the social hierarchy. Because, of course, it's what allows the NP's to brag about..... everything (especially in the ENTP's case... the ones on here love to brag).

    (4) Se - Se isn't talked about on the forums very much. But it's not an N function so it's not ranked as high up on the scale of forum-acceptability.

    (5) Fi - A lot of people complain about Fi, but people seem to have some strange vendetta against J types (unless it's xNxJ), so Ti and Fi are on a higher social plane than Te and Fe.

    (6) Te - As per what I said above... also, people complain about Te a lot, but nowhere near as much as Fe.

    (7) Fe - Fe is only acceptable if the user is an INFJ, apparently.
    SO much complaining about Fe. "Ugh I hate it when Fe people smother me!" and "Oh you're offended by what I said? Stupid Fe user!"

    (8) Si - Last but not least... (or actually.... Si IS least in the eyes of the people on here... for some reason. (i.e. like when we voted for "favorite subforum" and all the SJ ones were downvoted to oblivion even though they're not even popular in comparison to the other ones)).

    "Omg SJ's are so annoying!"
    "SJ's always miss the point"
    "I hate talking to SJ's... they're so boring!"
    "My mom is SUCH an SJ
    "SJ's just don't get it. They have reading comprehension issues or something..."
    "Your Si is annoying me. Stop taking things so literally!" *Proceeds to, ironically, take the Si-users post literally in order to accuse them of taking something literally*
    "SJ's are really close-minded"
    "In Big-5 tests, open-mindedness correlates to N whereas SJ correlates to close-minded"
    *People making threads begging for ways to find out how they're not an SJ*
    So, opinions?

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    I've only encountered one person who was aware of MBTI typing in real life. In short, that post is entirely irrelevant unless this forum or that other forum is your life. I'm not offended at all because the opinion that matters most is my own.
    I thought Dungeon Master was a jerk for talking in riddles all the time. That's probably why Venger went to the dark side.

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