I see some contradiction because while people like Scofield and Mahone, for example, have brilliant left-brain characteristics and are constantly analyzing situations and predicting outcomes, they seem to have overarching right-brain because they are incredibly creative (proven by Scofield's ability to come up with amazing out-of-the-box plans and decisions, and Mahone's ability to make incredibly obscure connections when tracking Scofield that almost no one else would make) - almost seems to me like maybe the linear-thinking FBI agents working with Mahone are left-brained but Mahone is right? Not sure. Hard to tell and I am not sure so wanted to get people's opinions. Anyway, predict whether each of following characters is left or right:

Michael Scofield - prison break
Alex Mahone - prison break
Paul Kellerman - prison break
Gretchen - prison break
Lincoln - prison break
Sayid Jarrah - lost
Ben Linus - lost
Widmore - lost
Jack Shephard - lost
Sawyer - lost
Juliet - lost
John Locke - lost
Faraday - lost
Also, though it's not in those shows, I'm gonna throw in Red Reddington of The Blacklist, for those of you who have seen it

Also if someone could say whether this thread is in the right area (first post ever) that would be great so I know for future reference. Thanks.