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    This is fucking ridiculous. I think physical attractiveness has far more to do with self-confidence and how people carry/present themselves. When I was single, I could spiff up and put on nice clothes but have zero luck if I was feeling down on myself; I could go out in jeans and a t-shirt with my hair all over the place and feeling like king shit of the universe and bring a girl home.
    "our preferences do not determine what's true." -Sagan

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    My apologies. I would change it but I can't edit it anymore, anyway I meant it as a rant not super seriously or anything, so again sorry if it was unintentionally offensive to anyone.
    No need to apologize because I think I may have misinterpreted it but it means a lot that you would; I immediately understood your intentions without you needing to say anything after I saw that you're just sharing the link of someone mindless who thinks the best and worst looking people in the world are certain personality types, which I think is silly and stupid.

    Once again, it means so much that you would apologize like that and want to change the title, and I sincerely appreciate your selfless intentions towards me.

    Best wishes,
    Chris Ferguson
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    I'm not really in the business of shitty thinking.

    The correlations for the MBTI are IF = fat, ES = muscle, IT = skinny (nervous system).

    In the Enneagram, it's e9 = fat, e3 = muscle, e6 = skinny (nervous sytem).

    Let me google that for you
    Alright that was lazy of me. Thought it had to do with tritype or something like that first but didn't see any 8s or 9s.
    As for the shitty data my mind went to those people who believe there's some kind of psychic connection between them just because they once happened to try to call each other on the phone at the same time, and ignoring all those times when they didn't.

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    Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. This is the author's resignation from 'Jungian Psychology'. What a joke!

    MBTI truths: Author's Resignation

    Author's Resignation

    It has recently come to my attention that Jungian psychology is heavily rooted in the occult, and is completely incompatible with my faith as a Catholic. For this reason, I cannot and will not write anything more about psychological types. It has been devastating for me to realize this, as I have written prolifically on this topic for four and a half years, and have been studying it for six. My career plans, which involved intensive study of Jungian personality type, have now disappeared completely. I had a long list of ideas for topics related to psychological types to study, but I have now abandoned this list. Everything I have ever thought or written about this subject has been a lie. I apologize to all my followers and fans who have read my work in the past, but I must move on from Jungian psychology and seek out new interests. I don't expect you to agree with me or support me, although I respect my audience enough to explain my decision. Information about the MBTI is rooted in Jungian theory, which is associated with evil. I must reject the entire body of Carl Jung's theories because they are so heavily influenced by Satanic practices. Perhaps the worst thing I have done was trying to analyze Jesus and God using Jung's personality theory.

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    Lol wow. Well, praise Jesus and all that, that this person has been freed of Jung's demonic influence and the terrible practice of typology. Makes you wonder about the clarity of the ideas they might have had about MBTI.
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    The question is, do people look like before or after their mbti type

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    I don't think there is anything concrete about it, but I do think there are little trends and patterns which are abstract. It's completely not scientific. And certainly not related to attractiveness. There are highly attractive and not so attractive people of every type. The most that can be said is that Se types tend to pay attention to outward appearances so they may tend to do more with their appearance. Or they may just wear some sporty clothes and be done with it.

    People like to link anything and everything with type, and people in this country like ranking things.

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