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    Quote Originally Posted by Alea_iacta_est View Post
    So you want to know about the mechanisms? (J function paired with P function)*

    Ni - Ti (where Ni and Ti are valued and conscious), Information is absorbed passively (unconsciously) through Se and deconstructed/analyzed by Ni to synthesize meanings behind factual/observable information. Meanings realized by Ni are then refined by the Tertiary Ti, which bases whether or not Ni's construct is logically valid according to one's own logical principles or logical worldview. Once refined by Ti, which projects logical value onto Ni's construct, the meaning can then be extroverted through Fe (the Je function), [...]
    Thank you Alea_iacta_est for sharing your knowledge, and hi again Yeghor.
    I understood parts of it on an superficial level I think, but please help me refine.

    From your reply, partially quoted above, I get the impression that you view it as Se is the input channel to the Ni-Ti construct and, naively put it, that that information is bounced and refined between Ni and Ti until (for INFJs) it is finally expressed via the conscious output channel Fe.

    Now, from the two propositions by yeghor (hi) above,

    "Ni-Ti = Ni unconsciously notices patterns in or essence of things internalized and Ti nitpicks and consciously makes sense of the patterns...
    Fe-Se = Inlets to gather external information from Fe and Se layers..."

    there seems to be a difference in how it is viewed. From the latter both Fe and Se seem to be viewed equally valid input channels (but no mentioning of their output abilities) while in yours Se is more of an input channel and Fe is more of an output channel in this setting?

    From a more directly observable view, I have a hunch that what is not on the outside, you will find on the inside. So when for example you interact with INFJs, do you see an primarily sensing and feeling person (Fe-Se? And can you see my supposedly unconscious extraverted pair Ne-Te, which might be less obvious to me personally? And can you from that deduce my introverted pairs Ni-Ti and Fi-Si?

    Is it true that we all are composed of four, more or less healthy, different persons? I mean, do you consider the two introverted and two extroverted pairs and entities of their own or is it more fruitful to refrain from that and only study the interactions of the eight separate functions?

    And yet another way of combining them:
    Is there a "master-slave" relationship between the dominant and the auxiliary pair, the tertiary and inferior pair, and so on?
    For INFJ for example, is it useful to think of it as Fe feeding Ni with information, and that Ni directly tells Fe what to do (or forbids it to)? And that Se feeds Ti with information and that Ti tells Se what to do (or forbids it to). In the latter case alea_iacta_est, if I understand it right, rather has it that normally the Se input instead goes straight up to Ni. Can there be such simple processes sometimes?

    Sorry for all the questions, but this is really fascinating at the moment. Sorry also for coming off as a little naive, but I really want to understand this and trying to appear more enlightened on the subject than I am won't help me.

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    And oh, wouldn't it, from there four faces view, be more relevant to speak of INFJs being more of SF- and NT-personalities rather than NF-personalities? And analogously for the other 15 types? Sorry also for the small grammatical errors ("an" instead of "a" etc).

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