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    Junior Member MedGirl's Avatar
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    May 2008


    I was wondering about this... is there anyone (introvert or extrovert) who enjoys the bar/club scene WITHOUT drinking?

    I'm on the introvert/extrovert borderline... I like going to bars and clubs occasionally, but even when I'm feeling pretty extroverted I still need a couple of drinks not to feel totally overwhelmed by the noise and crowd.

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    Senior Member ThatsWhatHeSaid's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by MedGirl View Post
    I was wondering about this... is there anyone (introvert or extrovert) who enjoys the bar/club scene WITHOUT drinking?
    I'm kind of on the border, but it really depends on who I'm with and what the club or bar is like.

    Clubs: only if I have a person to dance with who I don't feel self-conscious around
    Bars: the music has to be kind of low and I have to be in a mood to connect with someone

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    lurking.... Wyst's Avatar
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    I posted already about clubs but I don't think I addressed bars.

    Bars can be fun. I used to go to this place in NC called 'The Taproom'. It had a bunch of local brews on tap and also had a great selection of wines.
    I had a friend I'd go and drink wine with and it was always a good time with good conversation.

    Intimate gatherings I'll go for, but if too many people jump into the group I'll end up getting pushed to the outskirts because I'm not very assertive in a group setting.

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    I mostly like these places as long as the noise level is bearable: it must be possible to talk, even in loud tone, but without having to scream directly in the ear. Ah, and the music can be anything but rock/punk: I like metal, house, dance, jazz, oriental, even some latino, anything, but rock/punk makes me sad. I don't want to meet new people, unless I'm hunting for a new girlfriend, I just enjoy the place and *watching* the people (I suppose this indicates I'm an Introvert Sensor..). I don't dance unless I'm with my girlfriend and everyone else is dancing. I always drink at least a beer.
    All in all, I like bars a lot, but clubs I can definitely do without.

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    Senior Member Motor Jax's Avatar
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    ehe, as an introvert, i dislike the club scene... but there is one quiet bar that i love to go to... i can sit at that bar for 4-5 hours just watching people and relaxing and socializing without any of the loud music and crowded stuff... i love that bar ab drinking and socializing at that bar...

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    I rarely enjoy myself in a club... I like to talk to people when I'm somewhere for a few hours straight. And I can't dance :P Or I can but I don't enjoy it whatever.
    Bars are alright, just you and a few friends sit and talk with some drinks and cigs.
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    In the day when I partied hearty I used to hang out in bars several times a week. Now, if I am not drinking, I go for a while to be with friends but when others begin gettin' stoopid there isn't much meaningful conversation going on and I lose interest.

    I've always thought it fun to look at a bar crowd as a microcosm of society and figure out who the mayor and councilmen are, who's the town drunk, the drones, the minister and his secretary, the police, the criminals, the reporters. Like that. It's interesting.

    But you have to be "of" in order to do that and I am no longer so.
    "No ray of sunshine is ever lost, but the green which it awakes into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted to the sower to see the harvest. All work that is worth anything is done in faith." - Albert Schweitzer

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    i'm not big on it.

    bar scene is ok. playing pool, having a good convo is nice. i just don't want to get ripped off with everything that i do. $1 for pool, $5 for drinks... it gets too much. i could do the same with my friends in a flat and a nice couch.

    club scene? yuck. it's completely shallow and materialistic. it's also way too crammed and hot. forget it.

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