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    Default extreme introversion/extrovertion and secondary traits

    What happens to the secondary traits for people at the extreme ends of introverted and extroverted? Is the seconday trait neglected and the tertiary trait strenghened?

    Someone who is extremely introverted will still have an extroverted trait as their secondary and someone who is extremely extroverted will still have an introverted trait as their secondary. If an INTP was extremely introverted they would still be Ni, Te, Fi, Se, they would not change to Ni, Ti, Fi, and Si. If an INTJ was uber introverted would the top two traits effectively be Ni and Fi? Or would Te look more like Ti because of the strong introvert influence.

    Would an extremely extroverted ENTJ (Te, Ni, Se, Fi) completely ignore his inner functions and use mostly Te and Se? Or would there Ni look more like Ne because of the extreme extrovert influence.

    Do extreme levels of introversion and extroversion suggest that something has interferred with the normal development of the secondary trait, something that has happened to encourage a stronger that normal tertiary trait, or is it completely unrelated to the strenght of the traits?

    For the sake of compairison:
    If someone who is close to the middle of the introvert/extrovert scale, would they be likely to have a secondary trait that is almost as strongly developed as their dominant trait?


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    An extreme introvert (let's take INTP) who doesn't like using the extroverted function (Ne here) yes falls back on Si. It's easier to use the Ti+Si combination since Ne (and Fe) causes anxiety.

    So you get a hardcore thinker type who bases a lot of the data used in the thought process more on Si experience (the impact of things on them, memories of the way things were in the past, etc.) than on Ne possibilities. They might tend to look more ISTP, except I don't think they'll be nearly as engaging or as abrasive. We are talking a stable, homebody preservationist type.

    Generally I also have seen introverts who had to rely on the extroverted secondary because they felt that people would not accept their primary. So you get a type that shares some characteristics with the extroverted variation of their type... but still has introverted energy styles and a disconnect between inner and outer.
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