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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    Yeah I get that, but I don't think there is a "typical thing that INFP's enjoy doing". I don't see MBTI as an external manifestation of behaviors, it's not consistent enough to view it as that. I mean, if you were to consider the kinds of things I enjoy doing, I'd look very much like the stereotypes of a xxTJ.

    It's also not to say that Fe's effect on myself worth is a huge problem. It isn't really. When it does come up as a problem, I try and work on it, and I have made progress with it over the years.
    OK...I'll stop derailing the thread...

    Edit: Actually I am slacking off at work now...something a P would do...still feel a bit guilty about it though...the process feels like reconciling with values that you consider to be bad/weak for yourself so that you won't feel guilty/ashamed by them anymore...which I guess gradually makes one more centered on his/her core type...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    Misogynistic tones aside, I actually don't really like Jung's description of Fe. It hits on point for some aspects, but overall it makes it out to seem like Fe are complete slaves to their values and when they are tiffed they don't settle down easily or think clearly. I have to admit I do see myself in some of this, but it's difficult. I have a really hard time reading Jung's work. His writing style just irritates the living shit out of me; it's not easy to follow at all, so there is a slight bias there. It's sort of the same issue that Fi gets, where it's made out to be illogical, when in fact it's not.

    My biggest issue with Fe descriptions (and ENFJ/ESFJ profiles in general) is they are made out to sound like expert party hosts, love all parties, need people all the time, are supreme social circle masters, and people who live to serve above all else. No. I mean, I was socially daft for year and years, and in some ways I still am. Fe does not equal socially adept. It's nothing more than stereotypes. In fact, most of the Fe doms that I know don't care for the sorts of stuff written out. I sure don't. Yeah, I care about people and their well being in a broad sense, but it's more for the sake of congruency. Unrest or instability in social contexts causes problems, it's not efficient, fair, and just makes a mess of things. So, my Fe drives me to prevent that sort of stuff from happening. Why? Because it's what I see as right, and best fit for the world. I didn't just decide that I want it to be this way, I see it as effective around me. Fe acutally makes individuals out to seem like their personal feelings and values are a big deal and formost with them. Nope, not at all. In fact, that sort of stuff is often consider last for most Fe doms. The only time personal feelings crop up, is when they align with external factors (incidental) and that is upset in some way.

    Fe and Te are rather similar in one respect; they want things to be efficient. The difference between the two is how that is approached, and what is thought of as efficient. Te prefers objectivity, and Fe will seek that as well, but readily includes subjectivity. To me at least, subjective material is definitely workable and worth considering. Why? It's simply more information, and subjective information can indeed be organized and set in a way that it can be worked with in a psuedo-objective manner. The ultimate goal is to create order to the external world. It's the individuals personality (external to MBTI) that determines what that order is. Yes some Fe doms will want to approach it in the way that Jung describes in his examples. Others, not so much.

    The way I could explain how my Fe works, is that it's a gigantic framework of how stuff should be. It's all been determined over the years by talking to others, observing the world, etc. I didn't decide what the framework will be for the most part. It's based off what makes sense, what is fair, and what works. Everything I encounter is fit to that. If it doesn't fit, it's considered how it could be made to fit, or why it doesn't in the first place. My Fe is extremely vocal, and I readily express my thoughts and opinions on things. If it's meerly a personal prefrence, then I make it known as such and I won't expect others to follow or understand it (though I may attempt to get them to do so under certain circumstances). However, if there is something that has been determined to be right or wrong, then my Fe will discuss how it should be, and explain in detail why. It ultimately considers things external to myself way more important.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. This is a super broad discussion and it's hard to discuss and capture it all without some sort of narrowed direction with how Fe manifests.

    EDIT: Oh, and Fe doms are often made out to be incapable of doing science, math, or enginnering, and that they are all super religious. Ahem, I'm an atheist, and I'm a scientist thankyouverymuch, and my PhD adviser is an ENFJ as well. So suck on that stereotypes.
    Speaking of ENFJ scientists, I suspect paleontologist Stephen J. Gould was an ENFJ. The CelebrityTypes site has Neil DeGrasse Tyson as an ENFJ, too.
    Autistic INFP

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