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    Quote Originally Posted by Iriohm View Post
    Personally, I tend to be elaborate in my writing almost because it's cathartic. I enjoy the challenge of fiddling with a sentence until I have the perfect combination of words together. I also have a bit of an "all or nothing" mentality. Oftentimes, if I don't have something substantial to say, I won't say anything at all, while if I do have something substantial to say, I will spend however many hours and pages I need explaining it.

    Of course, I completely understand how painful it is to read, or even write, a three-page dissertation on why clowns are scary. Doesn't mean I can stop myself from writing one if I have enough material to work with.
    if you don't mind people not reading it, then it's cool. My real problem with it, is when people expect people to read it. Also if it's interesting I'll read it but lot of times it isn't. Just like if I were to write a long post, I wouldn't expect people to read it
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    When I was younger I used to be quite wordy in my writing. As I've gotten older I've become increasingly nonverbal.

    Currently I'm reading Proust. There is a wordy dude, and he's an INFP. Same could be said for Kerouac. And Virginia Woolf.

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