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    Default Fe users and processing emotions

    Does anyone else, maybe F types in particular just feel like they get snowballed with emotions? When I hear something that makes me upset I just get overcome with a gross feeling that I then have to unpack layer by layer, usually by verbalizing it to someone else.
    If I don't verbally process and unpack I just feel like I'm going to explode.

    Is this a human thing? An "F" type thing? Or an Fe thing?
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    That must be hard. Its an F dom thing i assume, not a human thing.

    I rarely feel emotions its pretty wild.

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    i don't.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    I'm not Fe dom. Or, any F dom. But, I do have Fe in my line-up, so I can say that it has to fall within a very small range of things that people get emotional about for it to happen. Extremely serious abuse of children and being in a romantic relationship are the two that will cause me to have moments like the one you've described. Even then, though, I sometimes must be egged on (nagged?) to share at times. I process anger much easier than sadness, so I blow up in times that are extreme. Probably because I'm not a F dom.
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    Fe-dom (recent convert, ha). This can happen, but I have trained myself to manage/deal with it. In some situations, I can choose to feel or not to feel. I REALLY don't like getting slammed with feelings over what I permit. But, it happens, and it drives me crazy when it does. I don't want that. It is unneeded and it only succeeds in getting in the way of things. If something triggers my feelings, omfg I feel it, a lot. My emotions are powerful and debilitating when they strike me. I can control the outward expression of it nearly all the time, but it still effects me. At worst, it can render me unable to get out of bed.

    I very often feel the nagging urge to "talk to someone, aahhhhh I need to vent!" but I seldom ever do. I don't like doing it. It makes me feel like a terrible shitty person for dumping my unwarrented problems on someone else, who ultimately has to suffer hearing them, and any advice or support they offer usually ends in me shooting it down for a variety of reasons. As much as it hurts, I keep it to myself so it minimizes the effect on others; it's the fairest thing for me to do. The only time I do it is if I completely cave to the pressure, and even then I restrain it. In hindsight though, I find myself making small slips in this regard quite often. My need to talk to people about my experiences (the need to share) is rather high, and I do it without thinking usually.

    Ultimately, I am really fucking moody. I hate hate hate haaaaaaaate this about myself... but it is what it is. I have an emotional reaction to almost all unexpected or important events.

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    Vicarious stuff wrecks me. I can't handle watching suffering or reading about it. I avoid TV news and YA books/movies for that reason.

    When stuff happens to me, I have to process it out loud. I need to make sense of it and find out where to put it so I can go on with my life. It will still niggle at me for years, but once I feel like I've found where it goes, I can function at least. I'm always doubting my perceptions and feeling like I'm missing something, etc.
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    I identify with feelings you've mentioned. Processing it aloud makes a huge difference for me. I can do it alone, but it takes a lot more time.

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    Whenever I feel bad about something, and it usually manifests itself as a tightening feeling in chest, I vent it out to trusted friends and get their feedback...I use them as a benchmark to re-calibrate myself...I guess I expel that bad feeling by doing that..

    Though I feel bad afterwards cause that makes me feel as if I wasn't if I couldn't dissipate it on my own...

    Another method I use during those times (for immediate relief) is to close my eyes and imagine the tight feeling in my chest as a dark energy\matter inside of me and then I gather it into a lump and visually send it away to ground or sun or someplace else that can neutralize it...That usually relieves immediate symptoms of feeling ill...Then I can analyze what made me feel bad in a more grounded manner...

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    yeah that's why i post weird rants/monologues....then i get over it. feel like i'm going to explode...anger. sadness. hopelessness. those things are killing me

    i always feel bad about feeling bad too...double whammy..

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    I tend to process things by myself for the most part, but I do scout for additional information. I won't necessarily share what is going on with me - though it definitely can be derived from my questioning by a perceptive person - but I'll ask people a what-if question to gain insight in how they would handle this topic or this kind of questioning. It gives me the intel I need, to then process on my own later and work things out. Doing it there, in front of someone, puts me too much on the spot and splits my focus in wanting to maintain a good conversation dynamic and focus on myself.

    I do have some people that I do this in front of, but that's mostly when I feel safe enough in their hands; I know that I don't need to monitor the dynamic there and can just be..well the hot mess that I am at that moment. Most of the time all I need from them is a mirror or a sounding board in order to get the info I need to process.

    Different method, same purpose, I guess.

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