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    Jeeze this thread has devolved into a giant pile of silly.

    I think another point is that it is difficult for people to be themselves completely when they have a label attached to themawlves. In parricular if they feel compelled to validate it for whatever reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chubber View Post
    He forgot the heavy breathing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hard View Post
    Jeeze this thread has devolved into a giant pile of silly.

    I think another point is that it is difficult for people to be themselves completely when they have a label attached to themawlves. In parricular if they feel compelled to validate it for whatever reason.
    I think because people have a certain type of expectation associated to a label.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsunderes View Post
    Kamina actually strikes me as more of an ENFP.
    nah, he's Se as fuck
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    It probably has a lot to do with the environment of these forums. I've observed casually that many people who haven't been exposed to MBTI forums inclusiveOR have read deeper into typology tend to be more S. I could speculate and say that it could partially be due to Ss being less inclined to join forums about a very "theoretical" concept, or Ss (and Es to some extent) supposed tendencies to not look too deeply into things, which could explain the unusual frequency of introverted Ns on these forums, but I'm not too comfortable with accepting that as a fact. But look at the S stereotypes and descriptions, which someone who is more familiar with it is more likely to encounter. Is it more flattering to yourself to think of yourself as impulsive, short-sighted, rigid, shallow, and perhaps most insultingly, unintelligent... or deep, creative, intuitive, and curious? In an environment that's rife with N worship, why would you want to apply a lable to yourself that you or others perceive as inferior? It's hard to ignore such a pressure. I've even come to stronglyquestion my type as a result of it, and to even question whether some form of intuition is in my top 2 functions. Though I'm sure some are a lot less easily swayed. As for why someone would prefer to be an INFJ over an INFP or ISFJ? Well, INFP stereotypes aren't the most forgiving at times, and the INFJ charicature is flattering, especially compared to the ISFJ one. I think it's more than INFPs or ISFJs wanting to be "more unique".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophiaDeep View Post
    I think I am too special for being this stereotypicaly special... I am special in my own way of special and that's special!
    ow my brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nights and Days View Post
    That has been happening for a while already.
    *stone face*

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    I get two vibes from just about every thread I've read in the past month:
    -One where you totally act your type and people are all "you're so quintessential xxxx".
    -One where you just say stuff and people are all "sure you're an xxxx?", "poseur", "people mistype themselves all the time".
    The direction this thread is headed:

    Will the real INFJs please stand up?

    I repeat, will the real INFJs please stand up?

    We're gonna have a problem here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    ofcourse not, that couldn't be a matter of perspective, how one behaves in a conflict never looks different from different perspectives of that conflict right? and besides, if she looked bad from any perspective that just proves those perspectives wrong & distorted.
    Thank you, @cafe
    @Mane, I actually don't care if I look bad. I've been pushed waaaay beyond that point by the types of manipulation and reframing that you do. I'm personally not an underdog because even when I'm polite I know I can completely gut someone if I choose. There are INFJ members here who are really kind who were psychologically dragged through the mud by your passive aggressive control tactics. Do you think the characters "Carrie" or "May" look "good"? They are my ultimate heroines. My post to you was mean and I intended it to be. I was deliberately being a bitch. Make sense now?
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    (from Blue Velvet)

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    for fuck sake @fia - i wasn't close to being the first and i wasn't the last. ...and when you are "fighting for your friends" and they just happen to be "fighting for their friends" which happen to be you, you are not altruistically defending, you fighting together as a group. when you repeatedly find yourself in conflicts as a group vs individuals, you are fighting for the side that has the sociological advantage, which is the opposite of the underdog. and when those instances when you feel your group is under attack are when it is "getting attacked" by people maliciously sharing negative life experiences and investigating possible type related patterns, and feel that need to retaliate and attack them back on that.... your are just fucking combining forces with your friends and kicking people for sharing negative experiences and investigating type related patterns because they might have a negative implication on you (or "negative implications on your friends" if that bullshit makes you feel any better).

    as for the implied warning/threat - how often do you really think i interact with you with an expectation for you to be... "nice"?

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