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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    Yeah. Like when Ne tells me "put it out there, in the open! what harm can it do?" while Ti tells me "seriously dude, patience, hold back, you'll make a right pig's ear of it if you blurt it out now!"
    Ne is always doing that with me and then later Fi says Caffiene makes it worse.

    Before I was around 30, Ne never really got to play that much and so now it extracts a mean vengence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart View Post
    Ne is always doing that with me and then later Fi says Caffiene makes it worse.
    Aw. I love caffeine!

    I identify with Sub, tho, definitely. I don't think that means that Ne and Ti are in "direct conflict," but definitely Ne is willing to bounce all over the place (it thinks "possibilities" -- the "What MIGHT it be?" function) while Ti demands some coherence to it ("probabilities" -- the "let's get real!" function).

    Getting back to opposites, when Ti and Fi fight, it's like Ti is saying, "But that's not how it works!" and Fi is saying back, "But that's not meaningful!"
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    “Pleasure to me is wonder—the unexplored, the unexpected, the thing that is hidden and the changeless thing that lurks behind superficial mutability. To trace the remote in the immediate; the eternal in the ephemeral; the past in the present; the infinite in the finite; these are to me the springs of delight and beauty.” ~ H.P. Lovecraft

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    Sometimes I feel like my functions fight against each other and sometimes they work together. My life does seem to match the theory that your 3rd function developes in your 20s and the 4th function developes in the 35-50 age range. I just turned 40 and I really notice my 4th fuction start to make itself active.

    My top 4, in order: Ni, Te, Fi, Se.

    Te often does not play well with Ni and Fi. Feelings and intuition are not logical. Sometimes things I feel or intuit can be verified with logic and then Te will be satisfied. If not there is internal conflict.

    Ni and Fi are usually in agreement about things. Sometimes Ni will want something that Fi does not want and then there will be conflict.

    Se generally works well with Ni and Fi. Often a piece of art or music (or some sensory experience) will resonate strongly with my Ni or Fi. I often express Ni or Fi through art, in other words through my Se. It is easier for me to express them through art than words, even with my limited talent.

    I have noticed an odd thing recently with Te and Se. Going to art galleries and museums, if I look only at the art I can get a very strong Se experience. I will be completely absorbed and feel an intense sense of happiness and satisfaction looking at them (maybe some Ni or Fi entering here). However, when I alternate looking at things with reading the decriptions - a paragraph or more talking about what I am looking at (engaging my Te) this wonderful sense of being happily absorbed in the beauty of the art doesn't happen. Sometimes I will visit twice once to read and once just to look at the pictures.

    Sometimes Te and Se will work together to learning things for art or crafts. However this seem to take place in stages, so they are not really both activie at the same time. Stage 1: I am just concerned about getting the how to correctly - mostly Te with Se taking a back seat. Stage 2: The how to becomes more automatic and I concentrate more on creating - Se (with Ni and Fi often influencing).

    So it seems like most of the time they all work in harmony, except Te. I have to put Te in the background for other functions to work best.


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    Quote Originally Posted by intrepid_wanders View Post
    I have been pondering this concept for quite some time and was wondering if there are others that have observed this. The dichotomy theory is that Thinking and Feeling are incompatible as well as iNtuition and Sensation are incompatible.

    A test example of functions for myself exhibit this behavior:

    Now, out of hand, one can see the INTP pattern, but with the Fe last and the used status rather rules that out. That leaves INFP with both Thinking styles.

    Any other interpretations or patterns seen?
    I scanned the threads and am not sure of your inquiry. The test results should always show the opposite function having an equally lesser balance than the dominant function, i.e. Ti 80%=Fe 20%, Se 65%=Ni 35% and so on. As for the test, it works, but I am unsure what your attempt to convey is. Those results will be most likely different depending on what functions you are needing to use to adapt to your environment. Jung and Myers-Briggs assert that there is no type rarity and we should develop at least our secondary (auxiliary) function to balance our dominant function. Otherwise there is no growth. Yet again, I am not sure what is being conveyed in your inquiry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    Yeah. Like when Ne tells me "put it out there, in the open! what harm can it do?" while Ti tells me "seriously dude, patience, hold back, you'll make a right pig's ear of it if you blurt it out now!"
    Oh, yes.

    Every now and again, (usually when I'm not currently speaking or directly interacting with anyone) my Ne suddenly will be curious and want to ask a random question. Which is fine and all, but if I don't say it the instant it occurs to me, my Fi visciously grabs a hold of it and won't let it out. It's like 'Noo, it'll be so awkward and strange to ask that, don't do it, it doesn't even matter!', rendering me mute. Sometimes it feels like I have to make a massive leap of bravery in order to speak up and ask it. It never is as big a deal as my head seems to make it.
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    Yes. My Te/Ne/Ti (especially the Te) will have me do things that come back to bite when the weakest functions (Fi, Fe) finally weigh in on the matter.

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    I thought INTJ Se manifested in doing sporty like things, but I guess that works too.
    My "inferior" function would be Si? Do you think remembering humiliating past experiences that haunt you account for that?
    What a waste of life..

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