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    My general guide:

    Do you prefer to:
    Understand everything(Ni)
    The meaning of life is...
    Have anything be possible(Ne)
    But could it also mean...?

    Remember everything(Si)
    Eggs are disgusting
    Sense everything(Se)
    But what about that one?

    Remain true to sense of right and wrong(Fi)
    People should...because it is right
    Use whatever ethical code necessary to guide/keep up with Ti(Fe)
    People should...because it makes most sense to be fair to everyone

    Remain true to logical principles(Ti)
    It is logical to...because it makes sense
    Use whatever logic necessary to guide/keep up with Fi(Te)
    It is logical to...because it is right

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    Quote Originally Posted by superunknown View Post

    The fence building problem was one websites approach to define how each function would act when approached with the task of building a fence. It goes like this:

    Ne - I want to design the fence

    Ni - Why do they want to do this and what is the deal with fences anyway? Is this necessary?

    Se - I want to decorate the fence and make sure that it looks stylish and appealing

    Si - I’ll take care of looking at the instructions and making sure that we follow the established guidelines

    Te - Is doing this cost effective? Will it be useful?

    Ti - I want to analyze the structure and placement of the fence

    Fe - How will it affect the neighborhood, and what will the neighbors think?

    Fi - I want it to be my own special fence that I can share with others over time

    Reading over it today I think there are some errors they've made in the simplification of the functions - namely, this is one cause why I never identified with Se and so strongly with Ne. But merh. If I care so badly for people to get "right" information I should host my own material :P

    Hilariously true

    Overall, badly thought out, stereotypical, shows a lack of understanding, not applicable to other systems, etc.

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