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    My J/P is very much in the middle, but I relate to the cognitive functions and archetype of INFJ far more than INFP. There are a lot of subtle differences between the two, and I also line up with INFJ on those. It's the generalized differences in which I'm more ambiguous. I may not appear structured and I question the validity of all rules, but if you took a closer look at how I live my life the subtleties would tell a different story. I used to be a terrible student and would procrastinate and only do what I felt like, but I hated myself for it and I'm far happier now. I still don't get everything done. So I come down more on the side of J and P being more of a continuum than a dichotomy, but I believe the cognitive functions make a lot of sense too.

    J characteristics which apply to me:
    -synthetic thinker: if given a bunch of information I will immediately try to find a unifying theme.
    -dislike surprises
    -love planning, love organization of tangible objects, love preparation
    -try to keep converations on topic
    -like to limit my intake of information
    -value external and collective standards
    -set goals for myself
    -am organized and my belongings are neat, aside from some piles of papers or clothes or random junk I don't want to deal with atm

    P characteristics:
    -change my mind and don't follow my own plans if I don't feel like it
    -easily distracted
    -generally think it's not my business to influence or control other people
    -don't try to control the external world
    -think informing people is better than directing them
    -comfortable with not knowing the answers, but always like to have opinions
    -I pay attention to time and it makes me anxious, but not always, and I don't have a good understanding of it. I tend to think I have infinite time to do everything, and even though I generally do things quickly I get distracted with other things.

    So based on these it's not immediately clear I'm an INFJ probably. When I read description of J/P I could say both sets apply to me. I prefer to be a J but I'm sometimes not goot at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fghw View Post
    The J/P dichotomy determines how you deal with the outside world. It is based less on whether you have a dominant J function and more on whether your first J function is extroverted or introverted.

    Types in which Je is more dominant than Ji (xxxJs) are more concerned with creating external structure (rules, systems, things that control others, etc.) while types in which Ji is more dominant than Je (xxxPs) are more concerned with building an internal structure (value systems, understanding, things that control the self, etc.)

    So, yes, J/P is about being lazy or productive and is even more about being ordered or sloppy. IxxJs are dominant perceivers and IxxPs are dominant judgers, but an INTJ will usually seem more orderly than an INTP because of the extraverted nature of his primary judging function.
    Agree with this, especially the part about the internal structure. I don't care as much about external structure but the internal structure is what's important. INTP here. I want systems to be internally consistent and can be quite anal about that.

    If also if you read Jung, he didn't use J/P. Just S/N and T/F and whether they are introverted or extraverted. Once you know the dominant and auxilary function, you know the type.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyedecker View Post
    Js also often prefer a directive communication style, as opposed to the informing style often preferred by Ps
    In most cases. I think it was Linda Berens who addresses these communication styles and there were a couple of exceptions. She has xSFJ as informing and xSTP as directive.

    I'm not really sure why these exceptions exist except that it makes for both informing and directive types in each temperament.
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