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    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Plexus View Post
    When you talk about your body doing what it wants, I think you are referring to your subconscious mind, despite your conscious awareness that you should oppose those impulses. Your subconscious mind is vastly superior to your conscious mind and contains most of your long-forgotten memories, repressed emotions, gut instincts and deep-seated thinking patterns that govern your perceptions and behaviors.
    That could be it. Yes.

    Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Flame View Post
    That could be it. Yes.

    Any advice?
    Very well. I'll send a private message. It's not suitable for mass consumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Respectfully disagreed.
    There is alot more to the human decision making process than MBTI cognitive functions.
    I was referring to the correlation between Se and impulsive behaviour. By definition there is such a correlation. It's of course just a correlation (this is inevitable because the concept of this function is about more than just impulsivity), which is all that I meant, I never said anything about human decision making processes determined strictly by MBTI.

    It's a worse idea to assume that I haven't done my homework.
    You have no idea what I know about this user, or his posts here - you can only assume, which you did, and you are wrong.
    Please see above, my feedback was based on months of reading this user's posts, many of which are caustic, and content of which ranges from "I know everything and no one can tell me shit" to "I'm a sad, confused person with no idea how to use my brain and my body."
    I still don't think one can type others just from seeing only posts on a forum. There's so many other factors affecting a person, not just type. (Just like you said above about how MBTI isn't the only thing determining things )

    I don't. I've spoken against them for years on this forum.
    Ok cool

    Thank you. I have no qualm with you; we've had a few great discussions and I understand your take on things more often than not.
    In this case you are, for lack of a better term, "trying to defend someone who has caused there own problems" - and - "is such a self-absorbed individual that it is highly unlikely that any amount of constructive feedback will amount to anything more than a waste of your time."
    I have actually seen some posts from him before and have called him out on some things. Though I have no doubt that you've read more posts from him than I have.

    Have a great day, Valaki!
    You too

    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Flame View Post
    Perhaps I should be more explicit.

    My body does what it wants. If it wants to sit on the floor and play ps3 while eating pizza and ice cream for a week straight, its going to do that until someone else has a more exciting idea. All this despite me knowing I should get a job or cook healthier meals. I mean I can willpower myself off the floor and do other things, but it feels like I'm trying to push a rhinocerus up a hill. But shit-damn, the moment you tell me I get free shots and a trip downtown to the club, I'm on my feet like a fat kid on cake!

    Yes I have amazing hand-eye coordination and physical control of my body, and I have amazing discipline... IF MY BODY WANTS IT. But my mind is always playing catch up with my gut. Before I realize the gravity of the decision I've made, its already done.
    Oh, maybe read up on the topic of self-discipline, MBTI is not going to solve that problem for you.

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    Ne: If I just would have the chance to experience an absolut freedom without physical, or rules boundaries
    Fi: But people expect me to do this and that and I care too much to do everything just my way so I always resist
    Te: You freaking lazy ass! You are giving up like that? You know what you want and you just give up? Get up right now and do something, okay here's the plan!...
    Si: I could be free, but I am scared, I don't want to do this all alone I need someone, some security at least!
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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