This is a repost from the "How Personality Determines Dominant or Submissive Energy and it's relationship to the sexes" on personality cafe. The motivation behind it is simple. I want to actual discuss this, want it picked a part and I fear that that my little effort post will go to waste...It's a Two parter too!

I think that the assumption based on that premise of how energy is formed in the mind of a person of various egotic function orientations is a tad wrong actually. I am using the definition of the BDSM terminology of Domination and Submission. (What most think of D/S is actually merely Brutality (A state of a person's needs being physically trampled over the other) and Barbarism (A group sponsored parallel that is much harder to detect) The dominant "Positive" energy, the hammer in the communist's emblem is the source of creation, action and force in a deliberate attempt to extract the world's "resources" into the person's being by obeying the will of the world. It is action of energy exchange by making oneself a physical presence of the world instead of something that is against it. The world is therefor not merely a concept to them, but something that is actually felt. Not only is it merely "felt" to them but it is also something that they control entirely. The world and themselves are in synch, but that is the delusion felt as the "world" has no inate purpose, it's just that their conception of the world has the affects of this happening, in which meaning is supplanted into the world, in the hopes of impregnating it, in one's image.

Submission on the other hand is the opposite of that. It is the "negative" energy, the sickle to the hammer's left and right side. A state of perpetual self and other devouring by integrating the will of the world and debasing it's very essence for consumption. A narcissistic ouroboros projecting onto objects, allowing for the person's maw to shrink and destroy the world. In spite of this, the person has no "will" of their own, it is merely their reaction (not being) that allows for their character to happen. In this sense, they merely exist for the world and the world makes it's mark onto the state of person's with whatever sadistic impulses the world may muster. The submission comes from the fact that the person finds joy in this, it is a game in which two "people" constantly hunt each other for all eternity, it is never about supplanting the will of the world into them, insomuch as the world is in a constant state of movement and the person's experiences shape the world instead of their will.

Now that the definitions has been clarified, I shall tell you the basic premise of what I think is the fact of what is the true submissive and dominant energies of the psychic orientations of the Jungian Cognitive functions.

-Most Dominant Group (using socionics terms as a short hand)-


-least Dominant Group (using socionics terms as a short hand)

Explanation of the functional orientation of Domination and Submission.

I think it is a tad more obvious to explain the reason as to why the Te-Fi is dominant and Fe-Ti is submissive. Still my brain and reasoning for my results should be questioned, even if I am right, I would be right in the wrong way if I am not honest with you all.

So first we will explain Te-Fi. Te is the spray can that the fingers of Fi direct to express a painting of their own desires. What happens to the wall in this situation does not matter as the will of the person does not care about this unless their own property is at risk. The painting is beautiful, as it is the person themselves in their own untranslatedability. Marked onto the world by whatever means strikes the individuals fancy. The only thing comprehensible was how the quiver of the pin was stroked, the words themselves but never the sheer feeling intensity behind it. Because of their alignment with and against the world, they see others as self-programmed robotics, designed to follow protocol and instructions from their clear superiors. This self-roboticization creates an epidemic of passions being stomped onto the ground, and pragmatism abandoned to fulfill one's own dream. Would you say that it's a dream to call oneself a god of judgement, the mercy of the god in particular being at the whim of inconsistent and even illogical desires. Even if those sentiments could ever be touched by programing that they themselves have wrought onto the world and themselves?

Fe-Ti the somewhat more difficult to explain submission is brought up by the pop cultural phenomenon known as "Neon Genesis Evangelion". Particularly in the form of the instrumentality project. A sort of collective "formative will without the absolute separation of the absolute terror fields (Ti)". Indeed one can say that submission is not harmonious with the environment insomuch as it is a constant THIRST for it, which cannot ever really be quenched. The unquenchableness of the whole reality that is evaluated by the two judgement functions, the need to differentiate and the need to conform is the source of the woes and joys of the person as a whole. Ti as an artists is not particularly concerned with the translatability of their own artworks, unlike the Te-Fi ones. Who is more concerned with having the world painted on, and forming the impression of others through their own beauty. Indeed the mechanization of Ti is complex and arbitrary, without the need of the world insomuch as the world's work is reconstructed to fit into the Ti's ego drive. The gears in the artwork of Ti is wrapped between the soothing genericness of Fe to create an all inclusiveness. This is however a nice pretense, a coyful smile that beacons others to rape in it's entirety. Destruction, assimilation. The mere basicness is absorbed, the artifice is kept alive. Understanding that they have never had programmed themselves, but the objects they place into them makes them different than the rest.

Si-Ne relationship to domination can best be described in it's relationship to an object, for the sake of this argument it's in the shape of a cross. In the objective sense, the cross in the representative of the christian faith manifest. Si-Ne does not particularly see this. Si in particular is the delusion of a human that rejects reality's prospects at face value and interjects objects with a sense of animation that is not typically seen in the vocabulary. The cross is no longer merely just that, but also a personality in its own. It smiles, it dances despite it's incapability. What can it do? It is infinite to merely list the capabilities of the illusion, as the person controls it with their will. This person seeks to defend it's impression from the reality of the world. The cross would be destroyed if that happened. To sustain this illusion the person adopts the character of an all interested person who exploits opportunities in the world, implanting their creative energies into prospects and allowing their imaginations to become manifest in real time. However this person's sight is never particularly seen to the world. Indeed the world's gravity sinks the ethereal, faery magnanimity into a bolt of joints with screws that just happen to create the motion of movement. The person does not understand this though, to them the object has a life of it's own.

Se-Ni sees the world as being comprised of material. This automatically creates a borderline nihilistic understanding of the world at the get go, they cannot just ego judge things as their perceptions will not let reality get in the way. This is naturally submissive, in it's attitude of course. The material is just that, a thing that exists. A thing to be examined and slavished over. With a mere flick of the eye, one can get a sense of what the thing is with in a quick shift. It is not the meaning that maters insomuch as it is correctness. They seek to make objects the correct form, and grab these materials into their own ends. They give themselves the power of a god, writing ancient scrolls that described things, what they stood for, what their property is. The world does not respond to this at all, letting the mortals toil along with the works that they have created. A monument is not just the hollow imitation of a person's geometry. It is the nation's entire ethnic history distilled into a singular person. A figurehead of the past that illustrates the accomplishments of all. Humanities self loathing could not let this truth be known, so it must be pass down onto an object instead. Infusing it with metaphysical properties that would never be there in the first place. God, Gods are all just descriptions of unknown things that primitives could not understand. As there is no mysticism for people of this type, there is merely what is true. What exists. The arch that connects all of the things into a singular whole, or a whole that explains a lot of the world. It does not matter, as they are the ones that write the bible. The authors of wisdom, with a book already written in their minds.