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    Caring too much about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE to the point I feel depleted, or used. Being crushed time and time again because my idealism weighs me down with thoughts of how things could be different, how things could be more just and humane. Being hypersensitive about others' feelings and discounting my own, seeing them as a reference point for my own feelings rather than mine being distinct from theirs.

    Being very opinionated, but very malleable in my feelings.
    I've looked at life from both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It's life's illusions I recall
    I really don't know life at all

    Joni Mitchell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post

    I seem to lack the ability to manifest. Like..ANYTHING. Though I've recently had the epiphany that, as an ENFP, my way of manifesting is probably in this way. Doing all things at the same time, working in projects, losing interest and coming back to it and slowly building up a skill set in 5-6 things at the same time and truly being a Jack of All Trades. Since most people prefer a more linear process, it's always made me look and feel more rudderless in comparison, but now I'm wondering if I'm just chasing ghosts and fighting my own nature - which only seems to throw me into extreme procrastination mode and cost me oodles of time and energy.

    So, I decided to conduct a little experiment where I just give my whims free reign - which Im lucky enough to be in the position to try out. One day I'll plunge myself into the Norwegian language with zeal, the next into how Wordpress works, the day after we'll do a full body work out in Yoga and Dance, and the day after that we'll write an entire day. All I can do is see if it actually gets me anywhere, instead of driving myself batty trying to confine myself to one path

    The only exception are the things that need to be taken care of routinely, but those I've got down to a T anyways and they get handled Te-style: quick, efficiently and without much fuss. If need be, I'll put together a day with only those tasks to get them out of my way so I can fully delve back into where my heart takes me next.
    You go into laser bursts of frightening intensity. But only for a very short time. Then you do it with respect to another interest. Then another. Then double back to the first one, where you have retained part but not all of what you learned the first time around.

    (The word you're looking for is "differential progress" -- as in the motion of an idealized cylinder for P-V relationships in thermodynamics. Infinitesimally slow, but proceeding on a wide front, as it were.)
    Join the club.
    "Love never needs time. But friendship always needs time. More and more and more time, up to long past midnight." -- The Crime of Captain Gahagan

    Please comment on my johari / nohari pages.

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    Insatiable hunger for attention, be it positive or negative in nature. Desire to be recognized for strangeness or intelligence while perpetually discrediting myself for the things I'm actually good at. An alibi of a desire for significance while I'm really not making effort to achieve anything at all. Never going out to actually do anything.

    Spending too much time on TypologyCentral.

    Being a furry

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    Yes;I'm too sensitive,it has lead to me becoming socially awkward,cynical,guarded,and isolated.

    I understand that all my other problems have branched off from my sensitivity,it is the root of all my problems.

    It makes me so angry that everything must be painful,that everything must be coated in a layer of hurt,over such petty things such as the way something is said,or just a few stupid words.

    It's something I've struggled with all my life,no one else I've known has ever seemed to feel things the way I did/do,at first I didn't understand why so I let my hurt show, that resulted in everyone telling me to toughen up,to stop being such a baby,telling me it wasn't a big deal or even worse exploiting me.Soon after that I learned to laugh and pretend as if nothing phased me because I knew no one would understand or offer me the comfort I sought,they'd just take advantage of my weakness,and trample me into the ground.

    As a consequence of those outstanding "comforting techniques" I have now become very distant and aloof towards people,as well as extremely guarded,I feel if I let people get to know me they'll be able to see how much of a baby I really am and exploit it.

    It's kind of lonely and I often wish that I had a confidant,lover,or best friend whom I could expose my sensitivities to,but sadly I've yet to meet anyone like that.

    I suppose that's one of the reasons why I'm here,because it's so easy to vent publicly and be honest when you don't have to look anyone in the eye.

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