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    Default judgment functions

    after reading "Non-Violent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg, the perfect treatise on Fi intelligence, i've been working with a simplified notion for how the socio-cognitive functions work in terms of our relationships.

    Fi: needs
    Ti: rights
    Fe: attitudes
    Te: strategies

    needs is deeper than attitudes, not in terms of a totem pole of ultimate depth or intensity of feeling but in terms of where it is processed on the axis between embodiment and mentalization/imagination. attitudes is about articulation, needs is about a felt sense of where we are at. kind of like, more fifth chakra (attitudes) than fourth chakra (needs). which is why Fi has a different kind of balance when it is fine-tuned and has fully blossomed in terms of offering empathy in increasingly challenging negotiations (not only between mind and body but between self and other).

    in short, we utilize strategies to meet our needs. we communicate with constructive attitudes that acknowledge and consider how using our rights affects others.

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    In terms of communication, I think this is pretty good. Ti & Fi are always more focused on the concept and Fe & Te on "action" or implementing & adapting existing concepts to "work". Of course that's sort of an I/E difference in general.
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    i dont approve
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