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    I used to usually test as an INTP, but as I have come to understand my own behavior better I now usually test INTJ. One interesting realization was that I am a natural in a "supervisor" role when I was in charge of the kitchen at the preschool I work one day because the head cook had to leave work early because of something at his son's school he was attending. the Ni + Te combo was so obvious that day it was scary!
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    Always matter how often I test, I always am NT...but the other functions have changed with age and maturity and well, mis-typing.

    Honestly they way I see it, a lot of NT types can easily get caught up in the personality tests because of the "technicalities" of certain questions. Which, while we know the results of one answer may get us one function type, we also know that technically the way the question is worded we chose the one that doesn't per say fit our "types", and therefore become mis-placed in our persona.

    I'm an ENTP with a high degree of regard for rules, not out of desire to simply follow the rules 'just because' but because I understand the ultimate reasoning and agree with them, using them to my advantage to make effective my work environment. So on many of the tests it asks a question such as "do you value justice over mercy"? well...being a rational, I'd say it depends on the exact situation. Most of the rules and laws were generally designed with purpose to protect something or some idea, and generally I'll likely agree with the law and value justice for the sake of protecting the ideal or person being violated, however I also understand that there are a lot of laws that are manipulated and in my personal opinion, bull shit, (especially some of the overly complicated business laws,) and feel that the defendant is perhaps more noble and good in cause.

    Overall I'd say I value the justice, desiring that if the laws are well made, then the laws are going to be more valued than mercy. So when questions like this arise I pick the 'J' leaning one...

    Another question that bugs me. The 'Time' question. "You know how to put every minute of your time to good purpose?" Well...I know 'HOW' to put every minute of my time to good purpose...the question is 'Do I?' Not least when I'm not being pressed for time for the sake of 'money' or 'obligation to friends/family' If I've got no one else pushing me, I've got no reason to actually put my time to the most effective use...but I know how to very well when I do need to.

    Nother bugging question... "You get bored if you have to read theoretical books" okay I'm not sure which type this focuses on... Is this about iNtuitive (Theoretical)? or on Introverted (Reading)? I love theories, I love hearing about them, but I have no time for reading books...In fact...I hate reading and fall asleep whenever I try question does this lean towards? I mean overall it could be for a combination of both I and N which would make it an "Ni" question...which would be fine....but they're typically put in tests that only measure each of the 4 main functions separately.

    Another J vs P issue. S types are fairly blunt...SJ's value order and rules...and SP's are generally messy and unorganized and hate rules...
    But how does the J v P work when applied to iNtuitives? It doesn't work that way anymore. I'm an ENTP who has a very organized work place, and home desk. But I've met INTJ's who are as messy as it gets. and INTP's who are extremely petulant about keeping things clean at home. Not being Sensually oriented N types don't view J v P through the psychical appearance of their world, but rather the functionality of their mind. So how can the test be accurate anymore with this?

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